Neither Here Nor There After "The Thing"

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Finally a website about relationships worth looking at

Write On,,, when there seems to be no use in it, when u think what good it;ll do,,,,,, just WRITE ON!   I came across this website yesterday, wasn't looking for it or anything. Just found it on and was curious about 'relationship quiz' and when I got into the site, took a quick tour of it, like I do any site and liked what I saw....more

Know It. Name It. Stop It. Stalking Awareness Month Part II

Friend or Foe Through the years, I've had a few friends who stepped crossed the line of being friendly and became overbearing; who showed up at my door uninvited at inconvenient times; who was angry with me for not answering my phone when she called, repeatedly; who sometimes drove to my home to tell me she had been calling and I was not answering; who was jealous of the time I spent with DH (who was then Dear Boyfriend); who gave me expensive gifts; and the list goes on. These things made me nervous at times; angry at times; and left me feeling stuck in the "friendship." ...more
It's a sign of the stalkers frustration and lust for controlling his victim. I wish I had the ...more

Why Facebook is Your New Home Page

Facebook is pretty plain-looking compared to most blogs and other participatory social media sites like Twitter and MySpace.  There aren't many simple ways to customize a page, therefore, everyone's page looks pretty much the same.  But, for some reason, it appears that design doesn't matter much considering recent news and statistics surrounding Facebook.  ...more

Latina Blogger

2010 introduced technology that influenced the already changing world of publishing....more

10 Lessons Learned in 2010 Before Jumping into 2011

There were lots of lessons learned in 2010, and rather than beating myself up for what didn't get accomplished, I'm going to salute the high points, feel good about what I did, what I learned, who I met, and use it as a jumping off point for 2011. Don't you think that's better than the usual New Year's resolutions? In no particular order......more

Social Networking and Business Expansion

Most sales and marketing articles these days will tell you to take advantage of social networking sites in order to expand your business. While this advice is great, an important question that remains unanswered in most How-To articles is just how can you use social networking websites to your advantage? The answer lies in understanding social networking etiquette and is something I personally continue to revisit to refine my own approaches as an individual in business and for my overall business....more

My use of social networking sites is just! I want to chat about what you are ...more

MyBlogHer Newbie Newly Registered Welcome Herself in BlogHer

Yes, I'm new and I would like to welcome myself. "Welcome Me".  Forgive me world for creating such a long title with no conclusion if introduction would be appreciated by a wide audience. For so many blogsites across the web, I doubt without a real doubt if this blog would be recognize or even read by fellow bloggers. To make this too long, I would tell you a bit about everything about myself....more

Copywriting with a Bite to Hold Your Reader’s Attention

By Bob Speyer, Web Success TeamEvery website owner is competing for the hearts and minds of their visitors. Keeping their eyeballs transfixed to your site can lead to more business and increased revenue. Making that important good first impression is the result of great direct response copywriting. Your content must engage the visitor within the first 15 seconds, giving them reason to stay, read and navigate through the site....more