How to Prevent Scope Creep from Ruining Your Projects

There is the old adage that two things are certain in life, “Death and Taxes.” With business you can also add Scope Creep. Every business has experienced it, some more dramatically than others. It is one of those gremlins that attaches to projects and wreaks havoc with proposals and client relationships.Read more here:

New Facebook Feature Increases Interactivity Between Friends

Facebook is constantly adding new features and applications to allow people to be more interactive on the web....more

Prep Your Site to Be Mobile Ready

Switching your desktop site onto a mobile device is one of the biggest moves companies are making everywhere. Embracing mobile is one of the fastest growing segments in the web world, and if done correctly, could be extremely beneficial and profitable to your company. The mobile system is so diverse with various browsers, screen sizes, connections etc— it’s a major change, and one that your site needs to prep for. To master this viral shift, we’ve listed a few tips to keep in mind when making your site mobile friendly: ...more

Creating a Better First Impression for Your Website Visitor

Visitors come and visitors go, but rarely do they leave without forming an opinion or making a decision. It’s the first impression of your website that’s your foot in the cyber-door. The most important component in putting your best foot forward is to make that lasting impression to motivate them to contact you and take it to the next level in the sales cycle. ...more

Web Success Team-When Good Intentions Create Bad Web Results

The goal of any website is to engage the visitor, give him a positive first impression, and motivate him to learn more. Unfortunately, sometimes the opposite effect takes place. Many websites overpower the viewer with clashing colors, distracting flash videos, inappropriate music, and much more. People react to clarity, organization, benefits, overall composition and readability. They are focused on their needs and search accordingly. Anything distracting is annoying and gives them a reason to leave — so don’t give them that “excuse.” ...more

What Was Your Worst Date Ever? It Might Be Worth Something

For many of us, the word "date" reminds us of nervous high-school moments, our first dinner with our eventual mate, that first time after a divorce we agreed to have a drink with someone new. But almost all of us have had dates we call "bad." But what about those that go beyond bad?...more

What I’m shredding in 2010. 8 things that will stay in the past.

One of my recent, favorite, end of year traditions is the giant shredder they have in Times Square in the last days of the year....more

Flash Is For Famous People!

I frequently see young fledging artists and businesses using Flash to make a fancy- looking website thinking it will allow them to play in the big leagues, and set them apart from your average upstart. But this strategy is like playing in a beautiful stadium with no-one in the audience.Here’s some reasons why that can be a Very Bad Idea:1)    Flash is hard to properly optimize for search engines. While there have been some advances by the search engines in this area, you will not be able to optimize your site in the depth and detail that you can an HTML site....more

How to Get a Killer Website

If you feel overwhelmed even thinking about starting or improving your website, you’re not alone. The new frontier of online media may seem intimidating, but with a little information you will find that getting a killer website is simple. A good design is not necessarily the flashiest, coolest looking website, it is one that is simple to use and works effectively for the end user.  Whether you’re starting from scratch or just need a redesign, the first step in getting a killer website is always the same:  Step 1: Know Your Business  ...more

Smith And Hawken Closing

Yesterday I received an e-mail from Smith & Hawken that they were closing. Through the years I have spent a lot of time browsing their brick and mortar store in Edina, Minnesota. When we wanted to buy a special anniversary gift for my parents 50th Anniversay the first website I checked was Smith & Hawken. We chose for their gift a plant a month for a year. The customer service was phenomenal! ...more