Cinco de Mayo...Eat, Drink & Marry...Like an Egyptian?

So, today, May 5th, is my wedding anniversary. Yes, I did that on purpose.Since becoming aware of men, and their challenge with details such as remembering only made sense to me to choose a date for us to get married that landed on a holiday. A holiday often celebrated with...eating & drinking. And since we met in the City of Angels, so close to the border of Mexico, and in a city where the ethnic majority is Latino and Hispanic, well, it just made sense. Yep, he's a Mexican Angel....more


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Happy Gasiversary

When the ordained minister said “for better or worse”, a tiny talk bubble erupted from my head with words like “job loss”, “health problems” and even “financial crisis”; all things that my husband and I have dealt with over the past 6 years.  I was reeling and ready to go.  After all, we had already lived together for almost two years.  What would possibly be dealt to us that we couldn’t conquer together? ...more

You Know You've Been Married a Long Time When...

You are reminded it's your anniversary by reading your hubby's Facebook status.You buy a new dishwasher as your anniversary present...and you are really excited about it.You go to Costco to get your anniversary dinner gift card because it will save you $20....more
Happy Anniversary! Wishing you both many more  years of happiness!more

31 years - our wedding anniversary

I am sorry folks for not blogging daily. Actually, I do have an excuse. I had just got so addicted to a game I had downloaded on my IPOD touch called Around the World in 80 days, that I just could not leave it to blog. I downloaded the free version and after 19 days, it would not move on till you buy the full game.It is okay, I do not plan on spending money to buy games....more

Anniversary Update: Husbands, you’ll be sorry your wife read this…..

This post is for my Mother who has been calling for 2 days to find out what Hubby did for our anniversary this year.  That’s the kind of reputation he has around here!  I officially have the best husband in the world!  Really, it’s not an exaggeration.  Every year I eagerly anticipate what he has planned for our anniversary.  This year was no different....more

What Does Your Anniversary Say About You?

We recently celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary. We went to a great restaurant, had dinner by candlelight, went back to our hotel, and went to sleep. I slept for nine hours. It was glorious. By pre-kid standards, this anniversary was wholly lacking. By post-kid standards, it was…again…glorious. But it did make me think a little bit about how our anniversaries say a lot about where we are in our lives....more
@SarahKnight I need another anniversary right now -- I could really use another night of sleep ...more

A Token of Remembrance

They came in shades of pink.  My favorite. Petals so soft, like whispers, blushed shyly from where they nestled against the leaves. Like a bride on her wedding day. Enchanted, my lips began to form a smile; a contented sigh on the brink of escape. “... I don’t love you... I haven’t, for a long time...” Flimsy whims shattered like broken glass. Their jagged edges pierced through my skin, shooting pains and despair into my veins. One pink bloom for every empty promise.  A token of remembrance for a love long gone....more

On My Anniversary

Personal crises do funny things to relationships, as too many of us know too well. We go through these things, individually or together – or together-but-individually – and almost always, I think, something changes.Our journeys become harder when we’re faced with something other than the chosen road. Doubly so, perhaps, when we’re fighting against the current, thereby using energy we previously put into our partners, our relationships, our life-as-we-knew-it....more