FREE Wedding Planning Budget Checklist

Wedding budgets don’t have to be overwhelming. Make it simple for yourself and cut down the stress with this printable checklist. See the bigger picture and allow your mind to be at ease....more

How to Fix 5 Commonly Overlooked Wedding Expenses

My fiance and I had an eight-year courtship before he proposed, so you can imagine my happiness when he finally got down on bended knee. In addition to the excitement of planning a life with the man I love, however, is the excitement that I suspect every engaged personal finance blogger feels: the number-intensive and post-inspiring realities of creating a wedding budget! ...more
another way to save is to think about what family and friends can offer. If there's a ...more

How to Get a Happier Wedding: Back Off My Bride Budget

They all seem to be saying one thing: If you're spending $30,000 (the average) on a wedding, you're a spendthrift idiot who has no concept of reality. It's like “slut-shaming:” cutting down other women by attacking their individual choices. Wedding-shaming. ...more
I make wedding cakes, but I recently wrote a blog post about how you don't really need a cake. ...more

The Minimalist Bride

From my blog:  Because Everybody Has A Story There are a lot of things I'm not doing for my wedding.  We aren't doing engagement photos....more

12 Recession Busters for Budget-Conscious Brides: From Wedding Venues to the Guest List, Ways to Cut Wedding Cost

You can’t turn on the TV without being blasted with news about the tumultuous economy. Job losses. Plummeting stocks. A real estate market that continues to tank. It’s enough to make any girl get the jitters. And as if the recession wasn’t enough, you’ve got to plan a wedding! What if you can’t afford the wedding you really want? ...more