Consider These 6 Tips Before Choosing Flowers For Wedding

The wedding is a day full of responsibilities starting from decoration to catering and wedding dress to beauty salons. In any decoration, flowers play an important role whether it is a wedding or a funeral. In short, there is certain reason behind using those specific blooms. They can make a large chunk of your budget and the choices can be overwhelming....more

Doing More with Wedding Flowers

It is the height of wedding season and there are brides everywhere trying to decide how to make their wedding look phenomenal. One easy way to get the most bang for your buck and create a dramatic look is flowers. There is so much more you can do with flowers than your own bouquet. Check out these ideas for incorporating flowers into all aspects of your special day....more

Unique and unusual bridal bouqets

Wedding bouquets have changed so much in recent years.  While you can still find the standard hand-tied blooms or cascading bouqets, bouquets have undergone quite the renaissance.  From bouquets of stunning succulents, to a single, elegant, statement flower, or even brooch bouqets made of antique heirlooms, these designs are eye-catching, unusual and unique. ...more