Wedding Gowns

Wedding Dresses - Where to Start? Style, price, cut, white, ivory, lace, beaded, empire ... and the list goes on! It’s the decision I’m always seeing brides struggle with, and the question I always try to answer – how do you know it’s the dress? My answer, you feel the same way you did when he proposed. ...more

What is your opinion on someone's wearing the wedding gown of an ex-bride who is now an ex-wife?

  Would you give me your opinion on wether or not you would consider wearing the wedding dress of someone whose marriage ended in divorce? I just read something about a man who was trying to sell his wife’s wedding gown to pay the divorce bills and it triggered my thoughts as far as, "Who might want to buy it?!" ...more

I wouldn't have a problem wearing a dress that someone else had been married in, not even if ...more