Tips For Making Your Wedding Invitations

After making my own wedding invitations there were a few things that I wish I would have known first, so I thought I would share them and hopefully spare others from wasting time and money like I did....more

Some Randomness on a Friday

As I sit around on this gloomily dark and rainy Friday morning/afternoon, (in my pajamas of course) I think it is a good time to share a few random tidbits from my week of Funemployment (which lasts until July 5 so not done yet!). I did not do a whole lot, but I think that's kinda good, right? Here are some snapshots of things that actually did happen this week: ...more

A Procrastinator Doth NOT A Good Wedding Planner Make!

My procrastination and somewhat state of disorganization have finally caught up with me.  Admitting that I have these problems is supposed to be part of a recovery process.  It is not that I have trouble focusing on "all" things...just those that are monotonous and bore me. ...more


On occasion I come across a unique & talented vendor that I want my readers to become aware of. Pink Lily Press is exactly that…talented. I love the chic styles Jennifer creates (who started the business in 2007, and currently runs the business out of her townhouse). I’m always inspired by people who are inspired by what they love to do and start their own business in their homes....more

By day I work in bridal.  There is so much demand for unique and affordable items like ...more

Planning Your Wedding On Budget - Cheap Invitations

If you're designing a wedding on a budget, no doubt you're searching cheap wedding invitations that will assist you to save money. Well, you don't have to have all the fancy things with your invitations for them to appear great. It is possible to find invitations that are affordable that still appear attractive and formal. So, here are a few tips that will help you save money when you are deciding your invitations for your wedding. Take Time to Shop Around ...more