Data Backup Plan for Wedding Photography Images

Data Backup Plan For Wedding Photography ImagesAs a professional photographer, having a data backup plan for the digital images captured is beyond essential. Add to that the "it-can't-be-done-over" aspect of wedding photography, and the need for redundancy becomes paramount. Every photographer I know appreciates this. That said, I also don't really know of any two photographers that use the same exact data backup plan....more

Avoid These Top 6 Wedding Photography Mistakes

Avoid These Top 6 Wedding Photography MistakesTop notch wedding photography doesn't just happen, it comes from doing your research and learning how to avoid these top 6 wedding photography mistakes.Using the stories and real-world experiences of others who have been through the process, and learning from them, is of potentially very high value....more

Zoom vs Prime Lenses for Wedding Photography

Zoom Versus Prime Lenses for Wedding PhotographyA question on lots of photographers mind's is: zoom versus prime lenses for wedding photography?...more

White Mountains Fall Foliage Wedding

 Stephanie and Rick had a sparkling autumn weekend for their wedding at Whitney's Inn, Jackson, New Hampshire, on Saturday, October 11, 2014....more

Off Camera Flash (Outside at Night)

 The use of off camera flash (OCF) can open many new avenues for your wedding (and other genres of) photography. Let's take a look at what it took to make this shot come to reality. Like all things related to off camera flash, it takes technical knowledge, some good dependable equipment, and lots of practice. In the example below, it also required working quickly (it was COLD[!], and it was a real wedding with little time to spare) and my second shooter was a key part of making this happen....more

Coastal New England Engagements | Salem, MA

 We love coastal New England engagements! The weather can be difficult to predict in the month of December, but on this particular day it was crisp and cold, and lots of fun! Megan and Ryan live in Boston, and met us in Salem, MA, for an engagement session on a Sunday morning in December. It was certainly chilly, but in places where the wind was calm, it wasn't as bad.  The light, however, was really nice, to which we, of course, give high marks. We could not be more pleased with the outcome!...more

Do I Need Two Wedding Photographers?

 The question: Do I really need two wedding photographers?...i.e., a lead photographer and a second photographer (from the same studio)? The opinion on how important it is to have two photogs capture your wedding can certainly vary. Can I make do with just one photographer? Sure you can. Indeed, weddings have been successfully photographed by a single photographer. But, just because you can do it, it doesn't mean it is the best approach....more

4 Practical Ways to Unplug Your Wedding

What's an unplugged wedding, and why should you consider one? Read on if having your guests be attentive to the ceremony, and witnessing the union of you and your intended is important to you.I’m going to start this article with the end: you really WANT to have an unplugged wedding!...more
YES!!! I think that sounds great…I hadn't thought of that. Thank you for being on top of ...more

Practical Tips on How To Be The Best Maid of Honor Ever!

Practical Tips on How to be the Best Maid of Honor Ever!(The one and only time I was a Maid (matron) of Honor, I had no idea what my duties were (sorry Linda!) We've come up with a list so you can be the best Maid of Honor ever!)...more

Should You Consider a Wedding Day First Look?

SHOULD YOU CONSIDER A WEDDING DAY "FIRST LOOK"? What's a first look anyway? Is a first look the right decision for you and your wedding day? Read on to find out if a first look could benefit you on your special day!...more