Wedding Planning 101: What is my fiancé’s part in all of this?

 Congratulations! You just got engaged! Your fiancé spent countless hours comparing diamonds and settings and finally got the courage to get down on one knee. He was nervous and sweating and happy and excited....more

Wedding Planning 101: Stationary

My best friend just started to plan her wedding and she has been asking me a ton of questions. As I listen to her talk about her plans, I instantly get that overwhelmed feeling all over again. There are a million questions that need to be answered!I remember all the big-ticket items that you must take care of right away. But after talking to her about DJ’s and photographers and flowers and photo booths, I realized I was missing the most important item: the wedding stationary!1 // Save-the-Dates ...more

4 Practical Ways to Unplug Your Wedding

What's an unplugged wedding, and why should you consider one? Read on if having your guests be attentive to the ceremony, and witnessing the union of you and your intended is important to you.I’m going to start this article with the end: you really WANT to have an unplugged wedding!...more
YES!!! I think that sounds great…I hadn't thought of that. Thank you for being on top of ...more

Welcome to the Planning Life, Welcome!

Once you start planning for your wedding, you will love to plan or hate to plan either way you must be plan your wedding wholeheartedly. I feel once you start having ill feelings toward planning your wedding, you will not be satisfied once the Big Day is finally here. Don’t let wedding planning consume your life or alter your attitude because no one want to feel your wrath or deal with your irrational behavior. Don’t be a Bridezilla!...more

Imperfect Weddings, Imperfect Marriages

Since I am fresh from having a wedding on May 25, 2013, I decided to write a blog post about my experience of being a bride. I wasn’t your average bride because my husband and I eloped on May 26, 2011 with only our immediately family knowing about our secret journey. I enjoy getting eloped because it was my husband and I professing our everlasting love and commitment to one another at the Justice of the Peace's home in Attleboro, MA. Just us, no bridal party, no fancy dress, no drama, no first dance or the ambiance....more

Shopping For a Wedding Dress? Don't Make These Mistakes

One of the most important decisions a bride makes before she walks down the aisle is about her wedding gown. On this, one of the most special occasions of her life, a bride wants to look and feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. She will call upon friends and family members for opinions and help with finding the perfect dress, and she should not settle until she has that “this is the one!” a-ha moment....more

Wedding Hashtags: #AwesomeIdea or #DoingTooMuch?

In the age of what some consider to be "over-sharing" and having instant access to, well, everything, it is no surprise that more couples are taking to social media to share the joy of their wedding celebrations. As I comb through Facebook, blogs, Twitter, and Pinterest, I almost feel like I'm a guest at weddings around the world. No longer do couples have to wait for their $2500 photography packages to be emailed and delivered; guests can now share wedding ceremonies with the world in real time....more
I moved cross country and was unable to attend 2 of my good friends' wedding. Keeping up with ...more


For bride’s on a budget, or simply those of you who want to put your money toward some other wedding check list items I am currently looking at some wedding paper options and wanted to share with other planning brides so you have a list to work off of. As I continue to plan my wedding I am learning quickly where I want to invest more money and where I don’t mind trying to work to save a few dollars. One thing I will say is I am not skipping quality just to save some dough....more