Tips for a Wedding Registry

This past busy weekend I got a chance to do some more wedding planning. So far I’m sticking to my previous statement about wedding planning being fun and not as stressful as everyone else says. 4 1/2 more months….will I keep this attitude the whole way through???Austin and I finally completed our wedding registry this weekend. Last weekend we ended up going to Kohl’s to start a registry, and I knew I wanted to register at at least one more place. We chose:...more

Wedding Planning: Motivating the Mister

Four More Months!

Yup, that's right! Today is exactly four months away from November 10, 2012. And that happens to be significant because it is Kevin's and my wedding day! Four months feels like it's getting awfully close. ...more

Informal Weddings – Fun and Fabulous!

Wedding blogs and glossy wedding magazines will try to make you believe that nearly every wedding is an over the top affair, expertly planned down to the last detail by a celebrity wedding planner in a chic museum or meadow full of blooming lavender.  Yes, those weddings are amazing and gorgeous, but in reality not every couple can afford such an extravagant event.  It is absolutely fine to have an informal wedding and then throw a fun party for your wedding reception if that’s your style and budget!  Here are a few ideas to help turn your ideas into reality....more

Wedding Veil Giveaway!

Are you getting married?  Do you have a friend or family member getting married?  If so, enter your name into our Wedding Veil Giveaway!  I've teamed up with All Bridal Store to bring you this giveaway.  The lucky winner will receive a beautiful, elbow length veil.  For all the details, and many different chances to win, click here.  Best of luck to you!...more

Yet another amazing giveaway for a lucky bride and groom!

I found another amazing giveaway today, this time courtesy of Brenda's Wedding Blog and UPrinting.  The lucky winner will receive a free stretched canvas print of their favorite wedding or honeymoon photo!  This will make such a wonderful keepsake for the lucky couple.  For more information, click here to read my blog post....more

Unique and unusual bridal bouqets

Wedding bouquets have changed so much in recent years.  While you can still find the standard hand-tied blooms or cascading bouqets, bouquets have undergone quite the renaissance.  From bouquets of stunning succulents, to a single, elegant, statement flower, or even brooch bouqets made of antique heirlooms, these designs are eye-catching, unusual and unique. ...more

David's Bridal offers wedding inspiration & contest for free wedding gown or bridal party dresses

David's Bridal, one of the largest retailers of bridal fashion in the United States, has a new monthly contest for brides.  Simply submit your name and information for a chance to win a wedding gown or up to 5 free bridal party gowns absolutely free.  See below for information on submission....more

Once Upon A Time, I Considered Wedding Planning To Be A Lot Like A Science Fair Project...

When my oldest son was in junior high school, he came home with the thing I had heard about for years and sat dreading..."The Science Fair Project".  I didn't remember ever having to do one of my own, but HEY!  I was about to graduate from college as a teacher...SURELY I was capable of doing a junior high project! ...more

A Procrastinator Doth NOT A Good Wedding Planner Make!

My procrastination and somewhat state of disorganization have finally caught up with me.  Admitting that I have these problems is supposed to be part of a recovery process.  It is not that I have trouble focusing on "all" things...just those that are monotonous and bore me. ...more