Wedding Reception for Joe and Leslie

It was perfect weather for an outdoor event. Our handsome videographer nephew, Joe, married gorgeous Leslie recently and her parents hosted a delightful party to celebrate on the grounds of their lovely home.   Uncle Lloyd, me and Bruce, Evan, Spenser, mom, and my sis and mama of the groom, Mary Lou (I call her "Teta"), represented Joe's side of the family and we all had a grand time.  ...more

How to Get a Happier Wedding: Back Off My Bride Budget

They all seem to be saying one thing: If you're spending $30,000 (the average) on a wedding, you're a spendthrift idiot who has no concept of reality. It's like “slut-shaming:” cutting down other women by attacking their individual choices. Wedding-shaming. ...more
I make wedding cakes, but I recently wrote a blog post about how you don't really need a cake. ...more

12 Recession Busters for Budget-Conscious Brides: From Wedding Venues to the Guest List, Ways to Cut Wedding Cost

You can’t turn on the TV without being blasted with news about the tumultuous economy. Job losses. Plummeting stocks. A real estate market that continues to tank. It’s enough to make any girl get the jitters. And as if the recession wasn’t enough, you’ve got to plan a wedding! What if you can’t afford the wedding you really want? ...more

She Just Got Married, Part V - Designer Shoes Blues

She was having a spring wedding which, if it had been up to me, would mean flip flops and tank tops. But, I was Mother of the Bride. I did, however have to convince my daughter that flip flops were probably not the best choice for her to wear under her beautiful, custom designed wedding dress as she walked down the aisle. ...more

If I had to do my own all over again it would be flip flops and Bar-b-que!! It's all about ...more