Jewelry Education & Guide (Sterling Silver Ring? Measure Your Ring Size?)

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Ringless & Married: Quit Judging Me

I remember that I simply could not wait until I had a shiny diamond ring on my finger. I already had a baby in my belly and the admonishment of several family members and friends. Slapping a ring on my hand would legitimize our situation. It would legitimize the child growing within me. It would take some of the sting out of being an unwed mother. ...more
I am a single mother of three. Been married and divorced and had two children out of wedlock, ...more

A Newlywed's Worst Nightmare

Monday, January 24, 2011: And yes, I'm living it.  Real-time. Right now. I hope I can blog tomorrow saying that all is well, because holy schnikers, this is...more

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These things happen though - I have a feeling that somewhere down the line, it will ...more

A ring that grew along with me

by Melanie Katzman ...more