Wedding Dress Envy

I bought my wedding dress — ahem, The Dress — a few months ago and I do adore it, but of course, being a girl who falls easily in love (with stuff, not humans), it was bound to happen at some point or another. I have dress envy. Yes, I know, the moment I purchased my dress, people advised me to STOP LOOKING. And I have. I do not actively look for dresses. But sometimes you just stumble upon the loveliest of lovelies and you’re like, WANTWANTWANT! Sigh....more

I'm so excited for two new bridal collections to launch next spring: Vera Wang for David's ...more

The 80/20 Wedding

by Sarah Welch and Alicia Rockmore   Life is hectic. But when you throw a major life event like a wedding in the mix, it can get downright nutty. The logical question for practical and busy people is: how can I plan for a memorable wedding without it becoming all consuming?...more

Two Funerals, a Christening and a Wedding

Once upon a time there were two funerals, a christening and a wedding…. Most of us are familiar with the movie, Four Weddings and a Funeral, starring Hugh Grant, a funny romantic comedy that follows the ups and downs of finding love.  I didn’t meet my husband in a “Four Weddings” fashion, but rather two funerals, a christening and a wedding....more

What Matters Most About My Wedding

Choices I make generally always come down to price and unfortunately my wedding is no exception. I've had to pick and choose what matters most to me focusing on those and letting the others go. For me that is venue and photographer. Our venue is a newly renovated hotel ballroom for the reception. It has a gorgeous garden area outside for the ceremony. I felt that if I could find a venue that was pretty on its own it would save me on additional decorating costs later. Generic maybe, but the price fit....more

I can't say no to Say Yes to the Dress

By BJ Roche ...more

awe and incredulity that I slip into while watching these shows. I'm someone that didn't have ...more

Diary of a late twenty-something

This is my first blog, and the first post of the blog. So far I have created a username BitchNBlog which pretty much sums up the purpose of my creating a blog. For some time I have wanted to create a blog in order to use as a diary so that I can stop bitching to my sister and friends about my relationship. This blog will emotional, dramatic, heartfelt, and I'm sure at times confusing. I guess I should lay some ground work for what you are about to read. I am a female in my late twenties living in Florida. ...more

Do-It-Yourself Wedding Program Design

Foodies in Austin, Rejoice! Foodieprenuer Delivers 4 Days of Fab Feasts

What happens when you mix ingredients like lobster, Bananas Foster and Indian cuisine with a lounge singer and a couple of Lucha Libre wresterlers? Well, according to Anne Rutt-Enriquez, owner of Hosteria Verde Supper Club & Catering, you're celebrating Thanksgiving Austin-style. After all, the "Keep Austin Weird" motto is embraced by Austinites for good reason. The vibe is different here. The quirkier, the better - even when it comes to traditional holiday feasting....more

I totally would've crashed this wedding

A million years ago when I started this half-assed blog, my friend Jillian told me about her friend Becky, who not only liked this lipsticked porker but actually subscribed. “She’s married, and she lives in Portland, and she doesn’t have kids but says if she did, she’d raise them with the exact kind of mindset you have,” Jillian said. “She loves the blog. Can’t get enough!” ...more

Help me pick a polish!

This Saturday, I'm going to a casual wedding picnic/dinner reception. S. is the first one of my group of high school friends to get married, and she's insisted that we don't dress up (!). After polling the internet with a Polyvore of three possible outfit options, I think I figured out my outfit. It's the nail polish that's got me stuck now. ...more

Very good point about not going overboard with the bronze -- that's why I'm thinking more about ...more