Everybody is getting married. I haven't been a fan of weddings for quite some time. I always appreciate being invited, of course, but they are hard for me to sit through. I attended a co-worker's wedding over the weekend, the first wedding I've been to in years. All the feelings came back up again, as they do every time, and I was holding in emotions throughout. I don't feel negative about weddings. I don't think I do. Its hard for me to pinpoint exactly why I become so emotional. ...more

i sincerely believe that everything happens for a reason, that we learn from our experiences, it ...more

A real life Princess......hummmmmm?

Hum....Disney is now promoting princess-themed wedding gowns...wondering, aren't we setting the bar a bit high with the whole princess thing? Some are actually very pretty, but I can only imagine what kind of Bridezilla runs around with a princess gown! Click here to see the gowns!What do you think? Cheers!Big Sis'

In Sickness and In Rhinoplasty: Bridalplasty Marks a New TV Low, So Sign Me Up!

Do any of my people know any people at E! cable television network?  Because I want an audition, stat, for the most amazing, horrific, Frankenstein mash-up reality show competition to occur in these few precious months before the end of civlization:  Bridalplasty! ...more
No, I'd never watch it. When I remarried I was a 39-year-old widow with three kids. I figured my ...more

A Garden Wedding

Saturday, August 28, 2010...more

Wedding’s: Your Decorative Touch

To tell you a little bit more about me I enjoy event planning, crafting, being creative, decorating and arts. I enjoy being a DJ’s wife.  Why you may ask? It’s because of the people we meet. I have to admit that one of my favorite events to do are weddings. There’s so many things that the couple’s and their family have to do and prepare.Some reception halls are great, others may need a decorative touch to bring in the ambiance of the moment.For example at my wedding we had to put drapes on the walls. Otherwise, it would be  wooden paneling....more

Celebrating 10 Years

Ummm, this Foodie Friday has nothing to do with food. And no, not yet celebrating ten years of blogging....more

Sounds like you've had a great ten years! And I can't wait to hear about your time in the Peace ...more

Wall of Fame: Washington Couple Uses 400,000 Recycled Cans to Pay for Wedding

It’s what any hopeless romantic's dreams are made of: the perfect person, a spur-of-the-moment proposal ... and lots of aluminum cans? ...more

Damn, we saved a lot of money by forgoing items associated with weddings, but we certainly ...more

Wedding Dress Envy

I bought my wedding dress — ahem, The Dress — a few months ago and I do adore it, but of course, being a girl who falls easily in love (with stuff, not humans), it was bound to happen at some point or another. I have dress envy. Yes, I know, the moment I purchased my dress, people advised me to STOP LOOKING. And I have. I do not actively look for dresses. But sometimes you just stumble upon the loveliest of lovelies and you’re like, WANTWANTWANT! Sigh....more

I'm so excited for two new bridal collections to launch next spring: Vera Wang for David's ...more

The 80/20 Wedding

by Sarah Welch and Alicia Rockmore   Life is hectic. But when you throw a major life event like a wedding in the mix, it can get downright nutty. The logical question for practical and busy people is: how can I plan for a memorable wedding without it becoming all consuming?...more