To Be or Not To Be Bridezilla - Guest Post from Crowning Victoria

I am super excited to have our first ever guest post from one of my favorite bloggers and clients, Vicki  at Crowning Victoria! Did you know when you become a bride you not only have the option of taking your husband's last name but another one as well?  With the title of Bride comes a different, ugly surname. That, being of "Zilla." Bridezilla. I shudder at the thought....more

New Concept in Wedding Planning: Georgia Bridal Tours

Diva's Day Out Presents the Georgia Bridal Tours.  A new concept in wedding planning where brides are whisked away on a tour of some of the areas hottest wedding venues.  Each tour consist of several stops at premier wedding venues around town where caterers will prepare food for the brides to sample.  Brides will be able to take advantage of pre-negotiated discounts for services.  This will be a fun fill day of wedding planning!  ...more

Girlfriends = Sanity

Looking back at my life, I see how important my girlfriends are and were in my life.  From keeping me out of trouble; being the voice of reason; having my back; providing free therapy sessions; making me laugh through my tears; and just plain listening when it seems no one else could -- my girlfriends have all made lasting and important contributions to strengthening and supporting me in times of need.  Now that I'm raising two girls of my own, I...more

8 Things that Wedding Guests (rightfully) Bitch About

1. Sending Ms. Doe & Mr. Smith an invite addressed to Mr. & Mrs. Smith...more

Is It Ever Ok to Say No to Bridesmaid Requests

by Sarah Welch and Alicia Rockmore Visions of sugar plums still dancing in your head? The holidays are definitely the season of giving, but what you might not have realized that one of the things most given at this time of the year is proposals....more

Buy Me Something! My Opinion Of Weddings

In 2010 the cost of the average wedding was over $20, 000. The National Divorce Rate was 50%.When I think of marriage, these are the thoughts that go through my head.Though I have been in a long term relationship for many years I do not feel the need to get married, or have children and doubt that will change....more

How Not To Announce Your Wedding in the New York Times

I have a bit of advice. If you're married and you fall in love with someone else who is also married and then decide to divorce your spouses and eventually get married... don't have the New York Times cover it. Carol Anne Riddell and John Patrilla learned this lesson the hard way when the Internet reacted strongly to the article about their relationship in the Time's Vows section last week. ...more
People don't "accidentally" cheat and fall in love.  I don't buy it.  You make a decision to ...more

Lace + Favor Boxes

(images courtesy of   If you haven't noticed by now, lace is a major trend in fashion for the Fall/Winter season, and these ...more

The reluctant wedding dancer

Cross posted from dance at Jewish Orthodox weddings. I  put on my flats, I  kick up my heels,  I shake my hips. I dance from the first dance to the last.  I dance with joy – in the women’s section of the dance floor. I dance, celebrating patriarchal marriage, the silent veiled bride in a long-sleeved white gown....more

Can't Stand The Hate: Cutting BridalPlasty Down To Size

Kristy is an occasional guest blogger for The Demoiselles and a member of the TD community (moniker “Owl“); an opinionated 20-whatever-something who can’t seem to shut up about feminist, queer, and fat issues; a Tumbl-er who posts pretty things, funny things, random things and her personal theology (Owls & Elephants); a damn good baker and a shitty knitter....more