Lessons Learned Wedding Planning, Part 2

A couple of weeks ago I shared a post with you guys with some of the lessons I learned while wedding planning. When I shared it, I told you it would be Part 1 of 2. The post was written before the wedding (though shared after). I knew even then that there would be lessons I learned about planning at or after the wedding that I would want to share as well. Now the wedding and honeymoon have passed, Dave and I have been married more than three weeks, and I’m ready to share some more lessons!...more

2 Weddings... One month – Jeans and T-Shirts not an option-3

2 Weddings... One month – Jeans and T-Shirts not an option-3Matthew 6:30 [Full Chapter]If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you—you of little faith?...more

Windex, Wonky Prongs, and Wedded Bliss

My engagement ring is completely fake.  Well, the setting is real, actually:  a circa 1995 gold and silver Tiffany style setting, with a wonky prong that after 20 years borders on being horizontal.  The oversized prongs were originally designed to hold a carat-sized diamond securely to the setting, preparing for an investment so important that it calls for protection and dependability, for power and stability—platinum.  I, however, have all that pomp and circumstance holding tightly to a cubic zirconia....more

The 5 Worst Types of Bridezillas

According to TheKnot.com, the average American wedding costs approximately $28,427 – and that’s not even counting the honeymoon! No wonder brides are so stressed. But, that’s no excuse. Being a Bridezilla can cost relationships, time, and dignity....more
I appreciate your article.  I do have issue with $28,427 for the average American's wedding.  ...more

Why Are We So Obsessed with Women's Last Names?

What is in a name? A whole hell of a lot, especially when it comes to deciding whether to keep your maiden name after marriage. For many women, changing their last name is symbolic of their change from an individual to partner. In fact, the wedding site, The Knot found that 86% of the almost 19,000 women who were married in 2010 took their husband’s last name. This is a significant increase from the 1990s, when only 77% of women did....more
This is the second time today I've seen this error. While minor, it's irritating, and it's yet ...more

The State of Weddings

A friend and I were talking about this yesterday.  There seems to be an upward trend of our friends (not even mutual friends) to announce their engagement and then not too soon after announce that they eloped/got married at the courthouse and are essentially continuing their daily lives like it didn’t happen.  Like they’re just hanging out with friends the evening of and then going to work, the grocery store, appointments, etc, the next day....more

Wide Angle and Fisheye Lens Primer | Maine Photographers

 What makes a lens "wide angle"? What about "ultra-wide angle"? A wide angle lens is defined as a lens having a focal length less than the long side of the image sensor (or film),  A full-frame DSLR has an image sensor measuring 24mm x 36mm.   So, a lens with a focal length of 35mm or less is considered a wide angle lens.  If a lens has a focal length shorter than the short side of the sensor,  this is considered an ultra-wide angle lens....more

Practical Tips on How To Be The Best Maid of Honor Ever!

Practical Tips on How to be the Best Maid of Honor Ever!(The one and only time I was a Maid (matron) of Honor, I had no idea what my duties were (sorry Linda!) We've come up with a list so you can be the best Maid of Honor ever!)...more

Should You Consider a Wedding Day First Look?

SHOULD YOU CONSIDER A WEDDING DAY "FIRST LOOK"? What's a first look anyway? Is a first look the right decision for you and your wedding day? Read on to find out if a first look could benefit you on your special day!...more

What You Need to Know to Hire a Wedding Photographer | Wedding Photography 101

What You Need to Know to Hire a Wedding Photograpehr | Wedding Photography 101INTRODUCTON Are you, or is someone you know getting married? This post will help you wade through the world of wedding photography by familiarizing you with how the wedding photography industry works, along with deciphering some of the key terms you'll need to become acquainted with. By the time you're done reading here, you'll be armed with knowleddge and able to choose the right wedding photographer for your specific needs....more