5 Wedding Items Totally Worth the Splurge!

To save or to splurge? This is, quite possibly, one of the biggest questions a bride asks herself when it comes to throwing her wedding. Until you are actually shoulder deep in the planning process, it is hard to grasp just how expensive saying ‘I do’ really is.So, what details are worth the big bucks?Check out the following splurge-worthy items that you don’t have to feel guilty about! ...more
Agreed! The guest list is super important - it controls almost all your other costs and can ...more

Unconventional Wedding Ideas: Note to Self (and to Others!)

My boyfriend and I have been discussing our own preferences for children (I want one boy but he wants five girls!) and it got me thinking about weddings and getting engaged. I'm not really like other girls who love looking for pictures of white gowns and venues for the wedding reception, so I knew that coming up with an article on unconventional wedding ideas would be so "me"....more

How To Get The Size Diamond Someone Like YOU Deserves!

Myself: 17% Together: 25% I gave guidelines:  11% I gave direct hints: 13% He surprised me: 34%What are these statistics for? These are the results of a survey given by The BAA (Bridal Association of America) to recently married females.  The question:  “Who picked out your engagement ring?”...more
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How to define your wedding style

I have worked in the wedding industry for over 15 years and got my first taste of the world of bridal when I was lucky enough to cover the wedding of Victoria and David Beckham when I was a reporter at OK! magazine.I was lucky enough to be made Editor of Cosmopolitan Bride magazine at the age of 26, and stayed at the title for five years. During my time at the magazine and now editing my own bridal site, http://www.styleandthebride.co.uk/, I have met and come across a lot of brides. I always get asked for my advice, and ideas when it comes to weddings....more

Nashville: A City of Country Music and Beautiful Weddings

My boyfriend and I have been on a number of trips together, and while the scenery and the people change, one thing does not: the rain. I would be hard-pressed to believe it is the statistical norm that two people could go on so many trips together accompanied by either an intermittent drizzle or monsoon-force gales. We always make the best of it though — in Bermuda, we played about 1,000 games of Rummy 500, and in Nashville this weekend, the city was just as adorable with a gray sky....more

No New Shoes

No New Shoes & Mean Women: Why We Still Worry About What We Wear to WeddingsTomorrow, I'm flying out at 4am to make it to a wedding out of town with no bags packed yet.  I'm trying to make a good impression, a very good impression.  I'm talking my fiance's best friend's wedding. Something new, something fresh I know would prop up my posture, but there is no time.  Why is not wearing something new affecting my confidence? It's not like these people know my closet......more

The Business of Being Engaged

Wearing this diamond on my finger feels like nothing else, a prism shimmering with the magic of marriage to come....more
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Getting Married in 5 Days Apparently Makes You Crazy.

So, for weeks now people have been commenting on how calm I seem leading up to the wedding. That I don’t seem stressed at all and I’m the picture of a cool and collected bride. I mean, I’m paraphrasing, but that’s basically the gist. Uh, don’t sound so shocked, EVERYONE, I don’t understand how you’d expect me to be any other way! However, I think the calm exterior is my way of shielding people I love from the insanity that lurks just beneath the surface....more

Wedding Gifts Should Be Fun!!

Buying a wedding gift isn't always easy. Everyone wants to be the gift-giver who sails in with a memorable, ever-so-thoughtful gift! A wedding gift seems so weighty; we always want them to be perfect. We're saying something with a wedding present and we're sending out our best wishes to the couple for a happy future together. Forget the nesting bowls and the napkin rings. Is there anything more depressing than wrapping silver-plated napkin rings that you know will languish in a drawer somewhere, slowly tarnishing? Let’s think about more personal options.  ...more
The experience gifts are a lovely idea, but would be waaaaay out of my budget. Do people give ...more

The beauty of the RSVP

My husband has a large extended family....more