And then I stood naked in front of a stranger.

So, as you guys know, I went wedding dress shopping on Friday. And I totally didn’t cry, you guys! Though I did get a little sweaty and “Ingrid,” our helpful wedding consultant, casually was like “would you like me to turn on the fan?” Um, yes, and I’m sorry for my swamp-like tendencies. However, there were a few things I definitely didn’t anticipate when walking into the Bridal World....more
Hilarious! Love your writing and sense of humor. Corsets! Comfort is so overrated! :-)more

Something Blogged: What I Learned Wedding Dress Shopping

I had been dreaming of the day when I got to try on a wedding dress and that day finally came true last Saturday. My fantastic mother came made the trek from Stoney Creek to Ottawa for the occassion and I had set up a day long trek across the city to shop for the "one." We had a great day, mixed with laughs, tears, sticker shock and lots of posing and twirls (on my part). I got schooled in what it means to get a wedding dress that day. This is what I learned: 1....more

Friday Five

This is a Friday five with a twist: we are, unfortunately, stuck in the city this weekend due to Jim’s nephew getting married. Forgive me, dear reader, if I sound a little caged in. The furgiirls are resting in the air conditioning. Tomorrow we will go to the wedding, come back to get them out, then go to the reception … I shudder to think what’ll happens if it rains. I am working the 9-5 shift today. I am thankful to still be employed, even if the drama is a little excessive as it is most of the time. ...more

Excitement or Extortion? A Guide to Gifting

This is something that harks back to The Old Country of Broads, no matter our ethnicity or class. Don't kid yourself. A woman with an engagement ring so large it can only be looked at through a pinhole in a shoe box will, yes, register for a silicon dish-rack. Yes, she will. Don't laugh and don't ask what other silicon the dish-rack matches....more

And then all of my dreams came true. Except there weren't Oompa-Loompas.

You know those moments in life when everything comes together in just the right way to create an opportunity for perfection, no matter how fleeting? That was my Saturday night....more

Cake Decorating: Marzipan

marzipan You are either a lover or a hater of Marzipan....its one of those things, most people will have tasted it at some stage in their lives mostly through wedding cakes but whether it has been made really well and taste a different story. ...more

Becoming a Woman and Walking like a Fawn: A Lesson in Fashion.

Sometimes, in spite of the glitter and my intense love for romantic comedies, I fail at being a woman. But not in the Sheryl Sandberg-esque, “I can’t have it all and I make seventy cents to your dollar” kind of way. I kill it when it comes to that. Obviously....more

I'm a Bridesmaid at 39

The day I received a beautiful card in the mail from one of my dearest friends asking me to be in her wedding, I cried. She told me how much our 10-year friendship has meant to her and how much she wanted me to be by her side as she married the man she loved. To be her matron of honor is an honor that I have only begun to appreciate in recent years as I’ve learned the importance of strong friendships and happy marriages....more

Technology doesn't always take the cake!

My world (like everyone else’s) depends on technology. Whether I want it to or not.I was talking to John on the phone the other day when I heard a beep over the line. I asked him if someone was trying to call in and he said no he just got a news alert on his phone that a new pope had been elected. 15 minutes later I saw the breaking news flash on my computer home page....more