Would You Sell Your Wedding Dress?

On my ten-year wedding anniversary this summer, I put on my wedding dress and took some pictures and posted them on my blog in a letter apologizing to my husband for not having actually bought him a gift. Aren't I nice? ...more
@mayaelena1212 It's funny what we think we will get attached to and then what we actually do, ...more

Vera Wang's Dark Wedding Gowns Will Change Bridal Tradition

Vera Wang exhibited her Fall 2012 Collection of bridal gowns at New York's bridal fashion week and shocked the fashion nobility. ...more
I think the dress is beautiful. My eyes would pop out if I were the groom. more

Whatever Happened to Just Throwing Rice?!

When she got married, people threw rice at the newly married couple as they left the reception. She didn't dwell on what rice symbolized at the time, but she knew its importance as part of tradition. These days, though, nothing is traditional. Every bride wants her wedding to be unique. As she helps to plan her daughter's wedding, she can't help but ask herself: has tradition been replaced by creativity or insanity? ...more
I have been to quite a few weddings and not once have I thrown rice or bird seed. I blew bubbles ...more

On Being Middle Happy

 I'm a wedding florist....more

Did you have the most Romantic Silly Proposal? Well enter it to win a Romance Package and stay in a Spa Casita!

Did you have the cutest proposal ever? The funniest proposal? Or have the best  idea for how to propose?...more

Love and Granddarlings

I currently have two beautiful boy granddarlings and they have been a joy to Darling husband and me since the moment we knew about them.  We have known for awhile that our next daughter was pregnant but she asked us to wait to tell everyone.  Now the word is out and we are, after a space of almost seven years, in the mode of being able to publicly discuss our giddy excitement. ...more

Vow Renewal Music Playlist

Several months ago, my boyfriend's dad, Donnie, approached me about organizing a Vow Renewal ceremony for he and his wife Arlene, in celebration of their 30th Wedding Anniversary. If there's something I love, its organizing things. And of course, I wanted to share this every step of the way and what I was doing, but I'm not sure if she read's my blog and didn't want to overtly ask her (that seems pretentious, no?). So I started by contacting the cruiseline, and from there started the emails and phone calls back and forth with the planners....more

Den Chronicles: Parenting Vows

  I have played in a string quartet for over 18 years, and witnessed so many interesting weddings. Here is one story and the correlation I find with parenting..... http://www.mamalode.com/blog/2011/07/19/den-chronicles-parenting-vows/ Please let me know you visited from Blogher, so I can support you back!   http://www.mamalode.com/blog/category/stories/den-chronicles/...more

Give Your Wedding Some Social Media Flair

I thought this would be a fun post and offer some insight and stimulate ideas, whether you’re planning a wedding, daydreaming of a wedding or helping a friend with wedding details. I’m currently the maid of honor for my sister’s wedding and have been helping her with details here and there. All this wedding chatter between her, my mom and my friends got me thinking about how to use social media in wedding planning and other wedding related things. I’m not suggesting ditching the custom stationary save-the-date cards, bridal shower or wedding invites....more

Kids in Weddings

Some couples know without a doubt that they will have children in their wedding. Others are on the fence about the decision. On the one hand, they are obviously adorable, no matter what they do, it is funny or cute,  you can dress them up how you want, and you love them, they are probably your family or children of loved ones....more