Denim Dress.

I have been hunting for a cool denim dress since Alexa Chung ...more

Bright Tanks and Bralettes.

It’s patio season, that’s for sure. Nothing like sitting outside and enjoying the early summer sunshine with your friends + a few beverages.Two requirements for patio attire: cute and comfy. You’re bound to be in an Instagram shot or two, so looking put-together is a plus. But you also are subject to the sun and humidity (KC, you muggy little metropolis, you), so comfort is key. Loose-fitting, breezy, check, check, check....more


I’m coming to terms with the fact that fall is coming. (It’s a process every year, I swear.) A few big trends you’ll be seeing once the season fully sets in? Military-inspired items, punk pieces, and cropped trousers....more

Did Well at Madewell.

Madewell recently launched a new denim line, and I’m totally hooked. I popped into my local store to pick up a few pairs, and walked out with a whole outfit (and then some)....more

Wedges: a Colorful, Fun Outfit Foundation

If you've been around here for long, it's no secret that I have a love affair with wedges. They're colorful, fun and oh so comfortable - perfect for the busy mom on the go who wants to look put together. Here are some of my favorites. ...more
@Stacy Morrison Hi Stacy!  I've seen a lot of great ones on clearance while out shopping ...more

What I Found in my Closet...Week #15

What I Found in my Closet this Week…(Day 106 of the  365 Day Challenge)**Loose Tunics, White Bermudas, & Colorful Wedges**...more

Feeling Blue.

Wanted a summery suit for a sushi dinner + painting party with girls last Friday. A beautiful navy blazer from Elizabeth and James (scored at a deep discount via my favorite sample sale site, HauteLook. Are you signed up? Do it!), a pair of cute cobalt tie-waist shorts, and some killer striped wedges that scream summer....more

Fourth of July Fashion: Alternatives to the Flag T-Shirt

Years ago my nod to Fourth of July fashion was an Old Navy T-shirt with a sparkly American flag on it.  And pretty much every exhausted mom at the town parade had on the exact. same. one. This year however, I'm going to try harder. Ditch the flag t-shirt. There’s no need to be so literal with your patriotism – you can try a nautical themed tank, a scarf, a pair of red wedges. Here are some ideas that are cute and completely unfrumpy. ...more

Sadly, I am a t-shirt wearer! But I insist on a v-neck because Stacy and Clinton say so.

I'm ...more

The Wedge Heel: a dream come true...

Let me start off by saying that I'm completely aware of the benefits of wearing high-heeled shoes. I mean, it makes your bum look great, your legs look slimmer, and your thighs/calves more taut. BUT, wearing heels everyday is really not good for your lower back, feet, knees and even your posture. And as we approach summer the urge to wear heels as often as possible is even stronger because we wear skirts, shorts and dresses that show off our legs. So, do we sacrifice comfort for beauty?...more

Wedges are 10 times more comfy than regular heels ...they really should always be in style for ...more

Put some spring in your step!

It's sort of a winter-ish, windy day outside my window, but nonetheless, I'm excited for SPRING! No doubt we'll be seeing a whole lotta coral colors, lace textures, and neutral-toned shoes. Here are a few lil' items that are makin' me stoked on spring.The Hive & Honey Embroidered Sundress IS spring itself--radiant coral color and the embroidered detail are DELISH....more