Witch Notes…7 November 2015

This witch did a double take when reading that the new DEA chiefbelieves that cannabis has no medicinal value, calling it a joke, yet also believes that it’s not as bad as al...more

Score Some Weed


Where I admit my horticultural shortcomings

A few posts back I talked about things I inherited from my Dad. ...more

Toking and Tolerance: Is Pot Smoking an Issue for YOU

From medical marijuana to cannabis cafes in Portland, everyone is talking about toking these days. With over 15 million Americans admitting that they use it regularly, marijuana is still widely popular among Americans and it seems that several new breeds of users have emerged in the last few years.   There are stiletto stoners whom, based on a poll conducted by Marie Claire magazine, are powerful and professional females and baby boomers who are big on bong hits....more

If the average human being the the United States or Canada took the time to educate ...more