Can ignorance qualify as a defence?

Ever seen kids in a candy store? Mad grins plastered on their faces. Noticeable tremors coursing through their limbs in anticipation of the riches to uncover. And the glassy, slightly panicked look in their eyes….. Soooo many things to look at.How to choose?That’s me at the local nursery in the spring. Don’t be frightened. I just love to garden....more

New Season of Weeds Has Nancy Fired Up and Rolling in NYC

Oh Nancy Botwin, Nancy Botwin, you didn't take any Parenting classes during your unfortunate incarceration, did you?   Lucky season number seven of Weeds has kicked off with a bang: after only three episodes Nancy's already rejected her very forgiving kids, traded a suitcase full of grenades for Afghanistan marijuana and taken a lover.  So Nancy's far from reformed, operating from new turf in New York City, and the season is looking like it's rolled pretty tight....more

Time...we are a-wasting~

This is my very first blog ever. I don't know whether I will actually blog or not. I suppose I'll try it out and see. That's how I make most of my decisions anyway. Trial and error. Research and analysis go hang....that takes too much planning and effort, i.e. wasted time. I want to put my effort into the here and now. I dig instant gratification. It's Mint! (Just saw Super 8 - what a great movie!!)  A Katydid is a bug, related to a cricket....more

Gardening with the Babies

This weekend, my children and I decided the overgrown garden needed our help. They are always very eager for fun garden activities - like harvesting the strawberries - but I didn't think I was going to get such enthusiasm when I asked for help this time. The middle one, who is 7, said she wanted Mama time and offered to come and help me with the weeds....more

How to properly pull a dandelion, courtesy of one angry neighbor.

Dear Jealous Neighbor #$&!, I have noticed several dandelions growing in my yard, along your side of the property where it splits....more

A Call To Arms

Gardening is not just a hobby; it is a full-scale war with battalions to lead, enemies to conquer, multiple fronts to manage, and the unpredictable weather that can make or break a battle plan.  It requires, skill, strategic acumen, luck, and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears....more

So how is winter treating you? Send me a picture!

Blimey, today has been a bit busy and I am feeling a little on the tired side. If it was the Victorian times, someone would have probably suggested that I partake in 'smelling salts'. But I didn't do smelling salts because I am stoical like that, and anyway, they would probably smell like toilet blocks. Instead I went outside and took some pictures of the immediate locale. ...more

Blimey Denise, that is a cool slideshow. How do you do that?

P.S. the pics of your yard look ...more

The Lizard, The Field Mouse & The Sheep

I'm not sure I would have lasted after the lizard. Gah!

Contributing Editor ...more

Save money -- by eating locally and sustainably

If the economy has you thinking cheap, genetically-modified corn-and-soybean junk foods may be the way to go, frugal foodies serious about cheap, tasty eats are blogging to convince you otherwise. Sustainable, yummy eats don't have to break the bank! ...more