Fall Weekend Getaway Destinations From NYC

I love living in NYC, but I also love going on a weekend getaway. We're finally in the fall season and that means fall festivals, foliage tours, and apple picking is popular in the Northeast. Why not plan a day trip or weekend getaway with your family, friends or bae? Here are some quick road trip destinations from NYC that'll be great for a Fall weekend getaway....more

It's 40 Degrees, Let's go to the Beach!

It’s in the low 50s during the day and mid 30s at night. Cold snap California style, so of course, we should go to the beach!We were off to Half Moon Bay. Sea salty air. Long lines of sandy beaches. Shelling. Clam chowder with a dash or two hot sauce. Endless rolling of waves in and out.Sunlight low. Breezes cool. Water icy. Less crowded than the crowds of summer. Peaceful. Plentiful in discovery....more

Texas Weekend Getaway...


What I Learned On A Weekend Getaway

My husband and I are crossing a bridge to a resort island for a fall weekend getaway.  It’s just the two of us in the car and we take in the sight of salt marshes stretched out beneath us and sailboats on the horizon. It is a familiar beauty, this road to the beach; we have taken it before. There were summer family vacations here. There were getaways like this one; weekends without the kids. But this is the first time that we cross this bridge in our fifth decade....more

Amusement Parks: The Rides Are Only PART of the Amusement

Truly a reality TV show could be filmed daily at amusement parks.  I never realized the name  "Amusement Park" could be so literal until last year's October trip to Walt Disney World with my husband and kids.  A woman, clearly not an American, was wearing spandex pants.  And she wasn't exercising or on her way to the gym.  But that is not the worst part.  When she bent over to attend to her children, the material went see-through and we were all treated to a Halloween G-String.  The pants were pretty much nonexistent.  As in INVISIBLE!...more

Christmas in November: It's Not Just for December

  This past weekend I escaped to a refreshing getaway at the The Fairmont Jasper Lodge celebrating Christmas in November. Yes for all you cynics - I did just say Christmas in November! And I have to confess it was a great weekend!  I was convinced by one of  my closest friends to attend this event. At first, I was skeptical about all of this Christmas business!...more

a tunic for every trend

It's summertime - also affectionately known as: that time of year when we should all be allowed to live in our bikinis. Either bikinis, or other fabulously chic pieces on top of our bikinis. You know - for all of those times when you decide it's time to grab a late lunch of freshly grilled seafood and fruity white sangria at your favorite beachside café. Or in my case, at whatever fabulous restaurants await me at the Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island, where I'm headed this weekend for a wedding {!!!}....more

10 Tips for Perfect Girls' Weekend


Bend Oregon A Cheap Weekend Getaway

Bend Oregon is a communityoriented hub Here every day feels like a holiday Heres a few things you can do to get the most out of your time in Bend on a lowbudget http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/360100/bend_oregon_a_cheap_week... ...more

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