Weekend Moon in Sensual Taurus – Good Times!

After the fierce, feisty Aries Moon on Friday December 21, 2012, we calm down when the Lunar orb moves into earthy, solid, Venus ruled Taurus for Saturday and Sunday. It’s about sensuality, life’s beauty and pleasures, but since the second sign of the Zodiac is a “fixed” sign, it also brings forth the obstinate bull in us.  ...more

Astrology: Weekend Moon – Solid Taurus/Flighty Gemini 10/14/11

Friday October 14, 2011 is Taurus Moon all day. Venus rules this sensuous yet finance concerned Earth sign along with our current Sun – Airy, beauty loving Libra. Choices to be made? Either tackling that bank statement, or indulging yourself with delicious, chocolate dipped strawberries. Remember, not all things are either/or. “AND” can often work very well too ...more
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