Astrology: Moon in Taurus and Gemini For This Weekend

December 17th has the possibilities of being a loving, luxurious Friday or a stubborn, determined one. Just depends. Earth sign Taurus Moon speaks to beauty, sensuality and also the obstinate bull in us. Hmmmm, which way to go? ...more

Astrology: Weekend Moon in Surprising Aquarius 12/10

Friday December 10th finds us with the Moon in Air sign Aquarius. Ruled by the innovative, unpredictable planet Uranus, we should think in terms of – “anything can happen”. Things can break, things can get fixed, wonderful people can pop up or, people, who lets say can only be called “interesting” appear out of nowhere. Sudden moves, rapid change, the unexpected – embrace your flexibility. ...more

Astrology: Thanksgiving and Weekend Moon – Food, Glorious Food!

This is a short work week for most, so I’m starting the weekend a little early.  On Thursday November 25th, the Happy Thanksgiving Day Moon is in its own food, family, nurture Water sign of Cancer – perfect.  Be full, comfy and share.  Don’t forget to be “thankful”. ...more