To Diet Or Not To Diet

Whenever I utter the word “diet,” people fidget in their seats, their faces harden, and they say, “oh no—not me. I’m not going there.” So before your shutters go up, please give me a chance to explain. Skinny Thinking is not a diet; it’s about creating a new relationship to food that automatically results in greater health and a healthier weight. Diets are temporary. People are willing to stick to them for a while in order to lose weight; then they can stop and go back to their bad habits....more

Taking Baby Steps to Losing Weight


I am NOT a Truck!

I was on craigslist the other day. Ok, I'm on craigslist everyday (20x a day to be honest). But the other day I came across this post looking for a Plus-Size Model. I've done a bit of plus size modeling so I decided to read the ad. ...more

My $25-a-week good food experiment

For weeks now I’ve been seriously rethinking this obsession I have with food and my weight. Specifically it’s occurred to me that for almost all of the past decade, my obsession with controlling (unsuccessfully I might add) what I eat and don’t eat has centered primarily on weight loss. This focus on weight and not on health has caused me to become unhealthier. Yo-yo dieting, pre-packaged diet meals, low carb, low fat, sugarless…you get the idea....more

Resolutions. . . What a Waste

The myth of the New Year's Resolution goes something like this:1. Person evaluates their own flaws.2. Person vows to change said flaws.3. Person ends up not doing crap about said flaws and then feels bad for a moment and in my case ends up eating lots of chocolate to comfort said self....more

Calories: Please Don't Talk About Them When You're Seven

I've written before about how we tend to keep our kidlets a little sheltered.  They are five and seven and there's plenty of time for growing up. J. has been finding random videos of the girls when they were littler and they are so sweet and tiny, so precious and innocent, that they make me cry every time I watch them. He thinks it's weird that they make me cry, but they do. Almost to the point where it hurts to watch them....more

Ugh...same darn thing over here...'cept it started last year, in FIRST grade. First ...more

Kate Moss, Shut Up. I'm Trying to Raise a Daughter Here.

Recently Kate Moss told interviewer Brid Costello that one of her mottos is "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels." My first reaction was to recite that to myself 800 times a day and see if it worked. I've been having a lot of trouble getting motivated to lose weight in the last couple of years. ...more

Clearly what Kate Moss is telling us is how good she is at controlling what goes into her mouth. ...more

Overcoming "Not Enough"

Brenda Parent // The Body Image Project // Review from Body Image Project on Vimeo.  “The words that play over and over in my head are ‘not enough’.” How do we overcome? The scar from a c-section, cellulite, stretch marks…everyone has something about their body that they feel is less than “ideal”.  Some may view these as badges of honor, earned from life’s challenging events, like the birth of a child. Others see them as unforgivable flaws in their appearance.  Our attitudes about imperfection can shape our daily and long-term quality of life.  So- what do we do?...more

Curvy Girls In, Skinny Bitches Out

~~Haven’t you received the memo, Bucko? Curvy girls are In and Skinny Bitches are OUT.  Sort of what Heidi Kleim says in Project Runway:  “In fashion—one day you’re in and the next day you’re out.” Only she says it better with the German accent. Anyway, that’s neither here or there… ...more

~~~oh, Gisette,
you wouldn't believe the reaction I've received from this blog...and on my ...more

That hair in the middle of my cheek...

That hair in the middle of my cheek… Posted by admin On October - 12 - 2009 I’ve been getting a lot of positive energy and uplifting posts from women who are either anxiously awaiting forty, or looking back at it as the best time of their lives.  Their honest stories are encouraging and uplifting, but…...more