Did I Just Lie to the DMV?

This post originally appeared on www.playdatesonfridays.com.Recently I went to the DMV to get my new Illinois license. The man behind the counter was extremely chatty for a state worker, and we exchanged pleasantries and conversation while he processed my paperwork. He told me about his wife and his plans to move to Colorado soon, I shared a story about my kids and our recent move from Pittsburgh.We were simpatico. Until he asked me what my weight was, and I lied right to his face....more
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I Can't Wear My Wedding Ring. I'm Fat

I don’t wear my wedding ring. I didn’t lose it, and I’m not taking a stand against being “claimed” by a man. I don’t wear my wedding ring because I’m fat. Clean and simple....more

Blogging About Being Yourself!


Changing Hearts & Minds: The Power of Pathos and Logos in the Fight Against Weight Stigma

I am an advocate. I have been since I had the great honor of serving as Miss America in 2008. An advocate for what? The greater awareness of eating disorders, their serious health consequences, and the stigma that surrounds mental health illnesses in general....more

My Body #1

I have given this post a number because I anticipate there will be future posts about my body, so this number system will serve as a sub-chronicle....more

My Body #2

The Weight of the Matter

[Many thanks to Kasey Edwards, whose post on the website Role Reboot,  "When Your Mother Says She's Fat", got me thinking and largely inspired this post.] ...more

Overweight Teens | How Best To Talk About the Weight

It's not easy to lose weight. It seems even harder to talk about it. Even though it's everywhere on TV, even though there is a crisis in America, there is still a social stigma about weight. Now, imagine being an overweight teen today. It's even harder than before. Facebook & Twitter have made online bullying easier than before. More of our children are overweight than before....more

Afraid Of Your Own Shadow?

My Daughter and I--Roatan 2010...more