If I'm Okay and You're Okay, Is It Still Okay To Want to Better Myself?

At the halfway mark in my fifth decade of life, I have grown weary of the endless conversation with myself concerning my weight. I flip-flop between scolding myself over my lack of initiative, motivation and action to do something about it, and making patronizing, coddling excuses for just accepting the inevitable, continuing weight gain; a gain that is averaging about ten additional pounds each decade since becoming an adult....more

Portion Control Tools In Your Kitchen

There are tools available that can help you manage your daily calorie intake, by keeping portion control on track. Use these to make sure that you reach your body-shape goals. 1. A food scale- Available at large chain superstores, cooking stores, and on the internet....more

The Woman in the Mirror: a Personal Reflection

I remember sitting in a college French class absently twirling a string of my hair and half listening to the professor talk about idiomatic expressions. Until one in particular caught my attention.Etre bien dans sa peauThe literal translation is "to feel well in one's own skin." It means to feel good about yourself. But typically the expression is used in the negative -- ne pas etre bien dans sa peau -- and relates to anxiety or dissatisfaction with yourself. As in "I'm too fat, too thin, not pretty enough, not smart enough ..." Wow, I thought....more

Volumetrics: Simple Weight Control

The Spiritual way to Weight control

Weight gain is something that comes upon you and that you seem to have little or no control over. No matter how much you seem to diet and starve yourself, it seems as if you are never able to lose as much weight as you need to, and no sooner do you stop the diet, the weight comes pouring back on and it always seems to bring a couple more of it's "pounds" friends with it, often leaving you in a worse state than when you started. Eventually you get the hell in with all these diets and weight loss fads and you resign yourself to being fat or overweight. ...more

The Beauty of Full

The Beauty of Full is a humourous take on living full, not fat.  To lose weight, get fit, be healthy – without food deprivation, without fleeting fitness frenzies. Just a slow, steady path that can be managed for a lifetime. The Beauty of Full ...more