More than Weight Loss: Zhivi Tranformed Her Body

Today's Weight Loss Story of the Day is a little different. Zhivi didn't just lose weight, she transformed her body.  She lost 22 pounds and then put on muscle to sculpt her body the way she wanted it. Now, she is inspiring others to get healthy.  Here is what she shared with us about what she did to change her life....more

Move To Master: Deep Swimmer’s Press

The Deep Swimmer’s Press is one of my favourite weightlifting moves for many reasons, but the most important reason is that it’s a multi-tasker.I love moves that help simplify your workout, so that you can work a maximum number of muscles in less time. The Deep Swimmer’s Press works your Deltoids(Shoulders) and Biceps in one great move!...more

Menopausal: But What a Difference a Workout and Sunshine Makes

In the past two years, since falling prey to Menopause Disorder—my alter ego, that She Siren, compelling wailer of distress—my once religious-like workouts have threatened to come to a complete halt. And I don’t even want to tell you what my eating habits and attempts at dieting have been like, more like a sitcom of Mama Cass versus Twiggy. So do not get me started or I’ll just lose it and drone and blubber, and then mucus would get all over my keyboard!...more

I appreciate that you took the time to give readers here some important information.

Wishing ...more

Strong is Sexy

    I slipped on my workout gloves, grabbed a bottle of water, and walked toward the gym door....more

Thank you so much for the nice compliment! You are so kind.

Gale ...more

How Weight Loss Strengthened This Mama From the Inside Out

"When I was running, my kids couldn't see me getting out my aggression"...more

Get Lean with a Change to Your Exercise Routine

Running is the gold standard of fitness. Not only is it the best calorie burn (after swimming) but it's also touted as the ultimate fat burner. Plus you get ultimate bragging rights at every social function from fiestas to Facebook. If you're looking to get fit, the first thing you do is strap on those running shoes and hit the pavement, right? That's what we've all been taught anyhow. My friends, we were taught wrong. ...more
I have absolutely jumped into the latest craze of weight lifting vs hours of cardio.  It ...more

Frugal Fitness: Get a Great Workout for Free

The trick to finding exercise that you love is to try everything but as anyone who has looked at the impressive offering of classes (Trapeze! Hanging yoga! Pilates Reformer!) at an Equinox gym and then looked at the price to become a member of Equinox will know - exercise ain't cheap. But it can be, and I'm going tell you how to not only get in on the fun for a discount, but often for free. ...more
Love these tips!  I'd never thought about doing reviews on the blog!  Will definitely be asking ...more

Just Pump It

Today felt as if it was the first day I went back to the gym post The Comedian. I joined the gym back in January and went regularly until I decided to become a Shredhead and train for a 5k. I ignored the class schedule taped up on the fridge and never gave it a second thought. After the 5k however, I felt I needed more. Since The Comedian has officially weaned herself with a snub nose and stiff arm to my chest I figured now was the best time. I can lose my weight and get toned up again. Simple. ...more

Making Another Change

Well i have been working on my cardio and eating habits-so next is weight training :) I am not as keen to do it at the gym just because i really don't know what i am doing. I asked someone to help me out, he originally said yes, but then claimed he was too busy-this guy has the habit of promising stuff, then backing out-jerk. Anyway, i have been looking at some weight-lifting sites geared toward women and it doesn't look that difficult to do at home-just some organization. ...more