Trying to justifying my fat

 I just adore the .25¢ ice cream cone over at super one.Question time....Now I wondering to my self if I adore the cone or how cheap they are.It seems I'm always justifying to my self....more

Gym Update #9 + Product Reviews

Happy Friday!...more

Nutrition Label Reading for Dummies

Step into any grocery store and you’ll see lots of products with claims like “Multi-grain,” “Healthy,” “All-natural" or “Gluten Free.”  The trouble is, many of these so-called “health foods” contain some of the worst ingredients, including excess sugar, suspect chemicals and additives banned in many other countries.....(read more)...more

Lose The Weight, Gain Your Life- The Commitment

In high school, if you had asked me what I thought I would weigh in a decade, I would never have guessed it would have been 100 pounds more than what I weighed then. ...more

2013 Has Come To An End & 2014 Will Be Epic!!!

Today is the absolute last day of 2013.   As I write this post and reflect on the highlights and lowlights of 2013, I have a lot for which to be thankful....more

No More Sucking it In!

I use to be the skinny kid, like really skinny – emaciated skinny. When I went to college I was 105 lbs. and 5’6. I never gained the freshman 15, I maybe gained 6 lbs. throughout all of college – yeah sorry you can hate me but just wait. I got married at a size 4, the dress was a little snug but at 118 I was really topping the scales at my (gasp) highest weight ever!...more

How I lost 30 pounds and kept it off for 7 years

There are a lot of well-meaning fat people out there, like the woman at Subway who stops the line to argue with you over how many pieces of bacon you are entitled to and how you can't refuse free bacon and look at you, you can eat all the bacon you want.   I have indignant friends who are over-weight, who dismiss me as someone who doesn't know anything about being fat and if they looked like me they'd eat everything they wanted....more

Stopping the Weight Loss Roller Coaster

Did you know that 90% of all people who lose weight simply gain it back again? We know being overweight is damaging to one’s health. In fact the surgeon general’s office states that one out of every eight deaths in America is caused by an illness directly related to excess weight and obesity....more
I cut out all GMO and try to buy as much from local growers as I can. Made a big difference not ...more

How I Lost 100 lbs. in Fourteen Months

I have found the Secret to Skinny Pants,  fitting into...more

I Made It: #ONEderland

This post gets quite real. I have been waiting 21 months (since my journey began in June 2011) to write this post and I cannot even tell you how incredible this feels. I am so happy to share this honest post with you tonight. Thank you for those of you who have carried me along this journey.  ...more