5 Clean-Eating Breakfast Ideas That You Will Love

Do you hate eating breakfast? Then don’t come over to my house. This meal will often have me making 12 servings of oatmeal, two or three dozen eggs, three loaves of whole-grain bread, a one-kilo tub of yogurt, or 24 whole-grain waffles, plus six to 12 cups of fruit … just for my 3 boys. If you think I’m joking—just ask PJ. ...more
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Quick Healthy Tostada Recipe

Hey there,You may have seen me post homemade treats and quick, healthy dishes on instagram, but there’s not much room to elaborate about directions and details. Rather, the photo does most of the talking. So, I invite you to indulge in this quick recipe that's light on the calories and big on taste....more

To Knock off the Pounds, Pack on the Produce

  I’ve been helping women lose weight and keep it off for over two decades. One of the cornerstones of my weight loss and wellness program, The Self-Compassion Solution is: Eat more fruits and vegetables....more
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3 Simple Rules for Healthy Weight Loss

3 Simple Rules to Follow to Make Healthy Weight Loss Possible       ...more

Expert reveals weight loss benefits of high fat low carb ketogenic diet

For years, saturated fats such as coconut oil were relegated to the list of "bad foods." We avoided it like the plague, convinced by so-called experts that it would lead to problems ranging from high cholesterol to heart disease. Recent studies, however, show that it offers benefits ranging from healthy levels of cholesterol to weight loss. At the same time, more experts are recommending low carb high fat (LCHF) ketogenic diets for similar benefits. We asked one of the world's leading nutrition experts, Jonny Bowden, to clarify....more

How we dropped 44 pounds in 13 weeks

Let me first start by saying that I'm not writing this post to brag so I would hope and assume no one reads it as such. I've had so many people privately messaging me asking how we dropped the weight, what we've been eating, what exercise we were doing, etc. etc. etc. This is for you people! Secondly, I am not an expert, and I won't pretend to be. This was literally our first real run at being healthy and fit at the near ripe ages of 29 and 30. A few jogging stints in college, and a run at Jillian Michaels in 2012, but that's pretty much it. ...more

Gym Update - 2014 #1

Honestly, I have to tell you. I haven't been regular at the gym, any gym, in over 2 years. Initially, there was a bit of distance/time issue. Then there was a pregnancy/work excuse. After that, I don't know. Either way, I'm here to say that I'm back at the gym.I told myself that I wasn't going to just have another gym membership on paper. I'll never feel quite right about myself and my body again if I don't get back to it. Now, this isn't to say that I'll be happy with my body, just that I can (hopefully) gain more acceptance of it....more

Dr. Oz's 2-Week Rapid Weight Loss Diet: Lose 10 pounds before Memorial Day

If you're saying "May Day" about your body, Dr. Mehmet Oz has the solution: His new 2-Week Rapid Weight Loss diet is designed to help you lose 10 pounds before Memorial Day. ...more

Whole30 diet enhances Paleo weight loss plan: How to try it

When a weight loss plan is featured in Elle magazine, you know it's become a trend. And that's what's happened to the Whole30 diet....more

How resistant starch and safe starch can enhance Paleo and low carb diets

What's the new buzz term in the low carb and Paleo diet communities? Resistant starch.  One of the wizards in the weight loss world, Jimmy Moore, invited a group of experts to explain the role that resistant starch can play in achieving your goals on his "The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show." ...more