Loving Yourself Sexy

 Have you heard that; you get what you think about? Where you put your energy multiplies? Have you heard that what we resist persists? What about the power of emotions; “Compelling reason will never convince blinding emotion.” - Richard Bach....more

My Amazing Weight Loss Journey

 My Weight Loss Journey ...more

Pre Wedding Slim Down and Post Partum Weight Loss

http://lawyertomommy.weebly.com/fitness/pre-wedding-workout-and-post-bab... xoxo,Kim...more

You Won't Turn Into A Chia Pet: Embracing Green Smoothies

 See that photo -- it is a snapshot of one of the most critical crossroads in my life....more


A very interesting post! I loved it all! thanks!more

Guaranteed Crispy Oven Baked Sweet Potato Fries (with Sriracha Ketchup)

I have two cravings that are pretty much constant: chocolate (hellooo #girlprobz) and french fries....more

Know Your "Why"

I have been contemplating this statement for years because knowing your why helps set your intention and gives you purpose.  It's like a calling and I believe that we need a "why" when we are beginning a journey to change our health for the better, lose weight, gain energy or overall feel peaceful and content with who you are in your life....more

South Of South End Of Bonners Ferry

It shows I haven't been doing all that good in dropping a poundage. Confession time...I'm not persistent. I thought I would been doing my south hill walks. Looking forward moving out of the area. To much commercial. Statement time...You won't see any photos of big box stores on my walk. I try to support a local Mom and Pop places . I once walk Tamark road or lane. Did get some photos but some how I lost them. No big deal....more

Divine Intervention