Some Fat Girls Like to Cover Up

Perhaps it’s because I have been called a lot worse than “fat”.  Perhaps it’s because I know that I am fat.  Perhaps it’s because I know that a little extra weight isn’t such a big deal and many of us look good with some extra blubber.  Perhaps it’s because I know that dealing with obesity is extremely difficult.  Or maybe it is because I know how to handle criticism well.  But the term “fat” doesn’t bother me at all.  Sticks and stones may break my bones (probably not, since I have a lot of exterior to shield me) but words will never harm me....more

30+ Things Not To Do When Trying To Lose Weight

It’s official.I will do everything to lose weight, except eat healthy and work out.After my most recent weight loss idea (which of course, does not include gym nor salad), I started thinking about all the things I did, used or bought for slimming in the past 15 years. I will share them with you, so you can laugh, and I can laugh and then we can all get together and go get a burrito.   ...more

The Whole Egg


XXL Burrito

Today like a good little fat girl, I was holding true to the sacred rule of grocery shopping...stick to the outer perimeter. You know that single track that circles the market and holds all the good for you and sometimes tasteless goodies that we are trying to program ourselves to eat....more

The Mother Maria Free-er (I'm Writing About Underwear, Again!)

The Mother Maria Free-erPosted on October 4, 2014...more

Fatty goes to the Fair

Last weekend marked the end of the Los Angeles County Fair, and like any county fair across the country it is a free pass to let your FAT FLAG fly free and proud. No judgement will be passed because you're in a sea of gluttonous foodies, wearing stretchy pants and oversize T's in a conscious effort to remain comfy while taking in as many deep fried, sugar coated calories as their tummies will allow. ...more

Dairy Queen is Killing My Diet

Dairy Queen is Killing My DietBy Lady Elizabeth Tullos     It’s not my fault.  Dairy Queen is killing my diet.      It was only a few days of misery without electricity due the City’s policy of double checking ones credit, dental records, and the need for ones first born to be subjected to intense questioning as to mothering skills.  So, I went to Dairy Queen, daily to partake in the most delicious tacos around.  Temporarily, of course. ...more
Do they really serve tacos at Dairy Queen? I've never seen them where I live.more

The Internet Takes the leg work out of Cheating

by sybil sage...more

My Fitbit is Trying to Kill Me