Internal Love Tank

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching it is apropos that I do a post about LOVE. But I don’t want to talk about having or not having the love of another; let’s go a bit further and discuss the Internal Love Tank....more

Yay Lora!

As many of you have already read on my webpage, I take something called Plexus for my fibromyalgia pain. I talked my friend Laura, who has been plagued by some health issues, into trying it too. Not only has she had the health issues clear up, she is very happy about the “melting” effect Plexus had on her waistline.  Here is Lora before: ...more

Choose Your "Hard"

Choose Your Hard  - Being heavier than you want is hard....more

10 bites is about right

SourceGuys, I don’t think it’s ever not going to be Food Season....more