OMG, Where's the points free ice cream???

I have successfully completed two whole days of Weight Watchers, and I haven’t killed anyone, yet.  I also haven’t lost any pounds....more

On Fire

This morning I was on fire on the treadmill.  These poor shoes and my feet got a workout for sure.  I did a 5K this morning!  I'm pretty pumped I can tell ya!  With the Weight Watchers a...more

My Weight Loss Journey, part 1

I have been obese for as long as I can remember. I have tried diets, starvation, working out and all the crazy drugs. Nothing has worked. I came to the point where I just decided that at the age of 35, I had a husband who loved me and a daughter that adored me, so what did it matter how big I was? ...more

a couple of things

a couple of things... I didn't go to my weight watchers meeting on Saturday. Usually I think of going to my meeting as a gift, a time out just for me that I give myself to help me stay on track because it really is a great support. Last Saturday was an exception in that I didn't force myself to go to a meeting even though I was worried I had gained back some weight I had ...more

Gym stories

My gym is full of amazing characters that regularly supply me with blog-worthy antics. As a new mom who is desperately trying to lose her baby-fat (ok, maybe not ALL of it is due to Adi but what would he know...he is just a baby!!).....Here is what happened just yesterday - ...more

A New Way to Weigh

I have just about had it with Weight Watchers. Counting, gaining, losing, counting. There is a new book on weight loss/health that I am reading right now: Mind Over Body: The Key to Lasting Weight Loss Is All In Your Head by Celebrity Fitness Trainer/Guru Nordine Zouareg. He was doing a blog tour recently, so I sent the cute coach my questions: MH: It seems like your plan is The Secret meets Weight Watchers. What are the differences? ...more