Fat Feminist Starting Out

This is a long time coming, I suppose. I am using this primarily as a journal of sorts, but if it somehow helps someone else who feels like they don't quite fit the mold then I couldn't be happier to bare my soul anonymously to the internet. I suppose the best place to start is the beginning and it will most likely take more than one post to cover the content which will be contained on this blog. ...more
I think I love you. I was skin and bones up until I hit puberty. I've been slowly gaining ...more

Beets Vegetable Chips Recipe – Weight Loss Journey

Beets Vegetable Chips Recipe – Weight Loss JourneyI love these! And since I’m on a weight loss journey, they’re good for me.They’re very simple to make and really do taste good! ...more

Eat Clean, Get Lean with AdvoCare

Thank you for joining me on my AdvoCare weight loss journey. I'm on a mission to eat clean and get lean in 2015 with the help of AdvoCare! I look forward to sharing my progress with you. ...more

Get Your Metabolism Going

I Lost 2 Lbs. In Four Days!That may not seem like a lot to you, but I was surprised I had lost any that quickly.I’m going to share some of my recipes with you. They have ingredients that get your metabolism going. This first one is the Blueberry Chocolate Almond Smoothie....more

I Decided to Get in Shape


Tell Your Scale to Go to Hell!

Dear Scale, I don’t like who I am with you in my day-to-day life. We’re breaking up! I broke up with my scale – that dirty witch. I used to let that drugstore piece of plastic determine how I felt about myself.It was a whole process to weight myself, too. First I’d make sure I didn’t even have a sip of water in the morning. I’d get naked. Go to the bathroom. Then I’d make sure that the scale was on an even spot on the bathroom floor – I couldn’t have some uneven spot in the floor jacking up my results....more

Jean shopping and I survived....

www.theveganskinny.com I went jean shopping this weekend. I absolutely dreaded it. But I knew that the jeans I have now are getting a little loose. Yay me! Right?! Not really...But I was thinking, I still have a long way to go. Fast forward to entering the mall, as I was getting close to the store I approached the window and just stared in, not sure I really wanted to go in and deal with the salesperson and the agony of jean shopping. But my husband encouraged me to go in. In fact, he gave me a slight nudge over the threshold. grrrrr..... ...more

How Much is One Serving?: Figuring Out Portion Control to Gain Control of Your Waistline

It never fails. When my waistline starts growing in the wrong direction, there are three culprits. I’m getting less physical activity. I’m eating more junk food and snacking often. (I love to graze!) I’m eating mammoth portions of food. ...more
Laurend1985 I can completely relate. I was making my own trail mix with unsalted raw and roasted ...more

Lamington pancakes

This is a healthy take on an iconic Australian dessert. And the best part is? There's no baking involved and it's perfectly acceptable to have for breakfast!Find this recipe and other healthy desserts at:http://www.vonnix.com/2013/07/lamington-pancakes-ingredients-for-pancakes-2/...more

Jelly Belly Kelly

I was a fat kid. I got picked on, even by my own friends sometimes. But mostly from the boys, or the really skinny girls. I'm talking elementary and middle school KIDS. I was called "jelly belly kelly", "butterball", and any fat name a kid could think of. But I never really cared or let it get to me, or at least I thought... ...more