Avoid Stress During the Holiday Season

Learning ways to not stress during the holiday season is definitely a skillset that is a part of adulthood. I feel as though when the holidays come up there is always a mix of reactions that people have. They are either stressed about money, figuring out plans, finding gifts, and just the general craze that this time of year can bring....more

How to be Comfortable Outside of Your Comfort Zone

 I used to think that my comfort zone was something real.Something that I needed to push myself out of in order to grow as a person.I thought everyone had a comfort zone, and that some were bigger than others.After I have seen the thought-feeling connection, that we in every moment are feeling our thinking, it doesn’t longer makes sense for me to believe that something new or scary is going to make me feel a certain way....more

New Favorite App: Stop, Breathe & Think

A friend of mine asked me if I meditate when I shared I was stressed about something about a month ago. Practicing meditation daily has been one of my goals for the last two years. Unfortunately, I push it to the back burner when I am stressed, busy, and/or focused on a project.  You know, the times in life when meditation would help me the most! I am like a lot of women who push our personal needs aside when we get stressed.  I know I need to do a better job of making my well-being a priority to keep focused. ...more
This sounds like a great app.  Thank you.more

Being A blendy

I describe myself as a 'blendy'.I do not like rigid beliefs as it doesn't make any sense... unless of course I was the only person on this planet.   I'd not have anyone to 'compare' with.People do make mistakes and make no mistake I'm sure if you look at the 'most perfect' person in your world, you will find they have made some too.Hypocrisy - embrace your inner hypocrite and find new ways to tell people off.  Own your own mistakes.  Tooting your own horn as an example of how 'things should be done' isn't the way. ...more

Being Good to Oneself is Not Being Hedonistic or Selfish

I am in a place or position where I put the needs of others before mine. That has often left me eating long past due, sleeping less than I need to function properly, and leaving my own time to whatever meager crumbs remain....more

How to Reduce Stress and Create Success through Micro-Action

The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn – Alvin Toffler, Futurist ...more

Do You Say "Yes" to Every Request for Your Time?

The Key to well-being is to simplify the daily aspects of your life. We live in a world of “yes”. We say yes when requests are made of our time by employers, our children’s schools, churches, organizations we care about, as well as to our families. From the “sign the petition” emails to taking on larger projects at work; devoting all of our time to everyone else’s needs diminishes the time we have to care for ourselves....more

Preparing for Alzheimer's

How would you prepare for Alzheimer's, is it possible?  I recently saw a video that got me thinking about my life and as we make our way through another year I am sure new challenges and miracles will present themselves. ...more

Happiness in the Workplace

BBC Radio 5 was discussing Happiness with Averil Leimon this week .for several seconds! The Office of Statistics brings out a new report today about well being and health. Questions they have asked before include:  How satisfied are you with your life nowadays? 76% of people said – 7 or more out of 10. ...more