Do You Say "Yes" to Every Request for Your Time?

The Key to well-being is to simplify the daily aspects of your life. We live in a world of “yes”. We say yes when requests are made of our time by employers, our children’s schools, churches, organizations we care about, as well as to our families. From the “sign the petition” emails to taking on larger projects at work; devoting all of our time to everyone else’s needs diminishes the time we have to care for ourselves....more

Preparing for Alzheimer's

How would you prepare for Alzheimer's, is it possible?  I recently saw a video that got me thinking about my life and as we make our way through another year I am sure new challenges and miracles will present themselves. ...more

Happiness in the Workplace

BBC Radio 5 was discussing Happiness with Averil Leimon this week .for several seconds! The Office of Statistics brings out a new report today about well being and health. Questions they have asked before include:  How satisfied are you with your life nowadays? 76% of people said – 7 or more out of 10. ...more

Emotional Hygiene

Recently, I had a minor but difficult surgical procedure to lance an abscess on my leg. It was very painful, and while I recovered physically pretty quickly, I had some Post -traumatic stress reactions—bad dreams, flashbacks, and upset—after my recovery. I had to acknowledge my upset and feelings, and let them out before the stress reactions subsided....more

Gossip: and everything else that comes out of my mouth

I heard someone say today, "Before you open your mouth, ask yourself three questions:1. Is it true?2. Is it necessary?3. Is it kind?You mean, think before I speak?  Thats almost completely impossible for a girl born in New Jersey!  I can spew gossip out of my mouth almost all day long just to make the time pass. "Did you hear what so and so said about so and so?"  "Can you believe she did that?"  "What do you think is gonna happen with he/she/it them?" ...more

NOT A Sign of Weakness

Last week I “Tweeted” this post: “Sometimes there is a fine line between independence and isolation. Asking for help when you need it isn't weakness; be there for each other.”...more

Activity and Our Well-Being

What do these people have in common?...more

Happy New Year

I reckon it will be even happier if you ditch the resolutions.   You can pledge to eat only green foods. You can tell yourself you’ll find your soul mate, give up booze, lose three stone, take up martial arts and generally become a better person. You can do anything you want and you don’t need the clock to strike midnight to make it happen. Resolutions are commitments that set immovable parameters. They lead to guilt, failure, punishment, gruelling exercise regimes and 12 months of self-doubt....more