My Depression Is ... In Remission

I guess that I am supposed to want to try to wean myself off of the Wellbutrin, to “gain independence from medication” and all that jazz. But quite frankly, I’m terrified that the depression will come back if we meddle with things, so I’m always relieved when she doesn’t suggest it. If it is still fixed, let’s not mess with the duct tape we used when it broke. You know? ...more
I loved how amazingly well you described depression as a disease. Kudos to you for your ...more

34 inches

On Saturday, I was looking for feminine hygiene products in my bathroom cabinets and stumbled upon my measuring tape. It was tucked in next to my flab pincher--aka body fat measuring/torture device--in the corner of a cabinet. ...more

Today, therapy

Last night, I had a bizzare dream about the new therapist I’m seeing today. In the dream, she was a gypsy tarot reader/astrologer/psychic who came to my house, drew lines all over a piece of paper and told me this: My love and my talent would soon converge because of the trine between Saturn, the Sun and Chiron in my chart. It was all destined to happen TODAY! Poof! In an INSTANT! ...more