Introducing Wegman's

Laine, Elaine S. Griffin, from Elaine Griffin Designs, and I should really do a commercial for Wegman's.She lives in New York State like I used to and New York is the land of Wegman's. Or at least it was. There was a long time that Wegman's was only in  New York, but now they have branched out to spread their goodness over six states including, New York Pennsylvania Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts....more
@KarenLynnn Karen Lynn! I absolutely CANNOT wait. Woo-Woo!more

Up to the Amish for Raw Milk

Over the river and through the woods, it's up to the Amish we go!Sing with me EVERYONE!The car knows the road to carry the loadof raw milk we'll get to-day, hey!I said EVERYONE! Amish farm in rural Pennsylvania. OK, you're not into a trip up to the Amish......more
@KarenLynnn Raw Milk...Beer...All the same....So cool you are from around here. If you are in ...more

Raw Milk for Real Health

Please show me another manufacturing process where the ease and low cost of production have been more important than the QUALITY of the product produced....more