The Christmas Eve Shoppers Guide

If you find yourself in the same pickle a lot of people this Christmas Eve, you're going to spend tomorrow in a mall or a big box store like Target. Running up one aisle and down the other trying to find an appropriate gift. I never understood why people wait til the last minute, it's not like the date for Christmas changes every year. It's not like Hanukkah where it's like, BAM! This year it's on Thanksgiving Bitches!! It's always December 25th. At this point, the "what were you thinking ship" has sailed and you need a plan....more

The Buying Guide When You're Having a Baby

Each year, hundreds of new baby products hit the shelves promising to make parenting easier in some essential, can’t-live-without-it way. Sometimes they are downright innovative, and sometimes they’re just plain silly. How can a new parent tell which is which? Instead of buying into all the marketing hype, realize that we really need very little to raise our babies in a comfortable and healthy way. This Crib Sheet will guide you though what you really need to buy or borrow. ...more
We adopted a newborn and the advice given is to wait until baby is born for just about ...more