Jalapeno Garlic Zucchini with Brown Rice

Have you ever opened a can of tomato sauce by mistake when you meant to open a can of cut tomatoes. Or vice versa. Sometimes the labels look so similar that if I’m not paying attention it will happen every time. When this happens I store the tomato sauce, or cut tomatoes that I didn’t need in the fridge. I keep it right in front of the fridge to remind me to make something with it so the tomato sauce or cut tomatoes aren’t wasted. This zucchini recipe is the perfect thing to make when this happens because it includes both tomato sauce and cut tomatoes....more
Looks delicous! I gather you would saute the chicken separately then add it to the mix? Dianemore


www.abowlfullofsimple.comIt’s that time of the summer when fresh produce is at it’s best.  Whether it comes from your garden, grocery store, local farmer’s market, or a generous neighbor, it’s zucchini season!A few easy favorites of ours for simple summer fare....more