"Just Cheer Up"--and other things someone who's depressed doesn't need to hear

 I've lived in its shadow my entire life. The Biblical King David seems to have knows its grip. Actor and comedian Robin Williams was overcome by it. And someone in your life—you, your friend, your sister, your job-share partner, that woman in line at the grocery store—is battling the depression demon right this minute.How can you support this person, especially if depression isn’t one of your issues? For starters, it will help a lot if you don’t say the following:...more

Rebuttal to 8 Things Never to Say to a Mom of an Only Child

When I first read "8 Things Never to Say to a Mom of an Only Child", at the Huffington Post, I thought, "Wow. She sounds angry." To the author's credit, the post stayed with me, but probably not in the way it should have. It ticked me off. ...more

What NOT to say to a crafter

It's not okay to tell someone that they have too much time on their hands because they like to make crafts (or any kind of hobby where you make something for that matter). Never ever ever ever. It's mean, it's ignorant, and it makes the other person feel like a loser. And you know what? If you had something you liked doing (besides making people feel stupid), then you'd make time for it too, giving off the impression that you have too much time on your hands....more

If You Can’t Say Something Nice – What Not To Say To Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

According to the 2010 Census, almost 5 million children live in a grandparent headed household. Most of these are either the grandparent raising the grandchild alone or the child’s family moved back in with the parents. There are numerous reasons this could happen, and it’s likely you know someone in this situation. ...more

What to Say to a Trans-Racial Adoptive Family

Here's the kicker folks: there is rarely such thing as an obviously adoptive family. One of my friends is in a bi-racial marriage and her kids favor her non-Caucasian husband, and she gets questions about "where they come from" often. I don't know how she responds but I know I would want to say, "My children come from my uterus," or if I were feeling snippy, "My husband impregnated me."...more
I think that your post, although well intentioned, shows clearly the age of your child, and the ...more

When Talking to Parents of Tiny People

 Earlier this month, I came across an article imploring people to think before they speak when talking to preemie parents. The author was mortified that someone close to her had called her two-month premature son a “monkey baby.” As such, a community of preemie parents had banded together to create a list of the Top Ten Things Not to Say to Parents of Preemies....more

When Someone Miscarries: Providing Comfort and Support

I first published this on my personal blog Musings of Mommy Bee on 3 Jan, 2008. So many people have told me that it was a great help to them, so I thought I'd share it with a wider audience here. If you'd like to see my other blog posts about miscarriage and infant loss, click here.   ...more

Amazing blog post! I have endured inferitlity and miscarriages adn have now been blessed wiht my ...more