Punching Up Your Work Wear.

Getting dressed for work can get a bit monotonous, no? You feel like you wear the same thing, over and over. This is especially true in the winter, where if you don’t stick to a pretty strict diet fashion diet of tall boots + trousers + sweaters, you’re quite literally out in the cold.I find that injecting color in unusual places (burgundy trousers over your standard black, for example), prints, and fun but office-friendly shoes keep my work wardrobe feeling fresh....more

{afternoon coffee break} work wear on sale

{afternoon coffee break} work wear on sale Chic work wear is a must and chic work wear on sales is everything. Take a few minutes before you wrap up the work day and check out some awesome items I found on sale!...more

Style Icon of the Corporate Ladies – Olivia Palermo (Office Chic)

Having been a cubicle rat for several years, I have learned that looking classy, fashionable and serious for the office is no mean feat. Many people often dismiss corporate wear as boring and stifling. Many ladies also stick to the safe haven - by wearing black most of the time. Indeed it seems hard to juggle sartorial sense when your professionalism is on the table but I thought it's time all of us get some inspiration for our office wardrobe with reference from Olivia Palermo! ...more