Do Nice Guys Really Finish Last?

I was reading an article on a popular men’s site that said women don’t like “nice” guys, that being nice will keep you forever stuck in the “friend” category. I don’t know what was more alarming; the fact that a lot of guys have the potential to take the advice or the fact that a woman wrote the article. Nice guys don’t seem like they can defend women, she said. They’re too predictable. Nice guys seem fake. They don’t seem like good lays....more
I'm a nice girl looking for a nice guy.

So far none are in an existent (aka ...more

Women's Need

Why is it that most women think that they so desperately need men to come save them from themselves or tell them what to do when they have the answer on their own hands? Why they like to wait around, suffer while they kill that time to realize they can do it on their own?...more

This piece goes to all kinds of relationships not just straight ones because it also applies to ...more

What THIS woman wants from men

Since my resentment at being lumped under "women" by this pointless list has made me go and start a blog and be yet another voice in the cacophany, I might as well reproduce the full list here, with my comments (in italics).Full disclosure: I'm 37. The original article was probably written by a 14 year old wanting to sound 25....more

What Women Want

Let’s start with Sarah Palin: wife, mother, governor, on the campaign trail for Vice President… Moose Lover!...more

The Origin of The List

I'll spare you the backstory, which is at if you want to read it, and get to the good stuff.  ...more

Looking for the Caring Caveman

Think you’re turned on by the same fantasies that turn on most other women? Take my completely unscientific test and find out. Which one of the following scenes turns your button “on”? ...more

Is to read these three scenarios one after the other. Because when I read those, it makes ...more