What Not to Wear (and to Wear): Kindergarten Edition

I’ve enjoyed these twenty years of teaching –- and have heard and seen it all. I’ve seen a six-year-old girl teetering into the classroom in her mother’s high heel shoes. I’ve seen a six-year-old boy wearing his grandfather’s old coke-bottle lens glasses, claiming that the doctor JUST gave them to him because he needed them. I’ve seen the ten-year-old boy wearing his camouflage pants and army shirt to school every day. I’ve seen the five-year-old boy come to school in his grandmother’s sky blue cat-woman eyeglasses, complete with studded rhinestones on the corners, claiming the doctor made him wear them after replacing his real eyes with bionic ones. ...more

I need to relax and follow this advice. A few months back, we were going to meet some old ...more