It's Never a Good Time to Get Pregnant

Just returned from Vegas, and what happened there will stay there*, but the conversation I had with my friend Emily before we left, will not.Vegas!!!             ...more

How and When in the Now

I strive to live in the moment. My partner is a great inspiration to me on this; he does a great job of it. Shawn rarely loses sight of what is True and he never takes the rising sun for granted. It's amazing and if it's corny, so be it but this is something I am trying to learn from him.  I am a planner. I need to have all my bearings gathered with at least an outline of things to come....more

Lions and Tigers and Babies -- Oh My!

How does that profound adage go? First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes so-and-so pushing the baby carriage? Well, this Clueless Newlywed is definitely not pushing any baby carriages yet, but I did dream that I was pregnant three times this week. And last week, I dreamt about it too. Do you think my subconscious level is trying to tell me something? I suppose it could be my "biological clock ticking," but it could also be the fact that my husband and I have recently been introduced (second-hand) to the world of parenting via our close friends. ...more