The best laid plans

I envisioned waking up after an extra hour of sleep, shaking off my small Halloween-candy hangover and penning my first National Blog Posting Month article. In it, I would announce the new and improved Bluest Muse site to the world(!), and then have the rest of the day to grade papers, catch up on my shows, and listen to the miraculous Sacramento rainfall....more

A Return

BlogHer was recommended to me a few years back but I never pursued it and I have twice lost all memory of my password.Today, a woman who is a member of another social media group in which I participate asked for a safe place to blog and I asked her whether anyone suggested BlogHer to her.As it turns out, most of the women in that group are members here.Now for my whine.  Puh-leeze I do not care whether or not this forum considers my password sufficiently secure or not.  I want a password that I can remember.  Period....more

Enough already! Get rid of whining today… once and for all

 Whining. It makes you want to cringe. Or scream. Or put your hands over your ears. Like a high-pitched, constant drilling or a broken fire alarm that just won’t quit, a child’s whine makes you want to run for the hills. Children whine for a variety of reasons; they could be hungry, tired, too hot, too cold, lacking attention, or most commonly, they want something....more

Daylight Savings Time is Over! Boom!


Calling in reinforcements: Kiddo's going to grandma's

I have decided that I am not and cannot deal with this terrible two thing for one more second today. When the whining and screaming starts at 3-something in the am it's enough to want to claw your eyes out. Speaking of eyes, I've been so stressed out, always on the defensive, that my eyelid has started twitching every 10 seconds or so and I can't see out my eye....more

Uncomfortably Numb

I haven't felt like myself lately. I’ve been sort of numb. maybe that explains the eating. It’s not that I’ve been pigging out - just being mindless...candy and popcorn at night and a little extra of things. But it adds up to stagnancy and leaves a film on my mind of self-hatred. And that builds up - soap scum of existence. ...more

Remembering My Teen Years Through My Daughter

It starts with waking up at 6 or 615am every morning for school. Most mornings start with a half-hearted attempt to wake up my daughter, making sure she gets moving since her school bus picks up at 740. If she's had enough sleep, waking her up only takes about 5 minutes, but if she hasn't, it takes her 15 minutes just to get out of bed. I remember times when it wouldn't take much cajoling to finally get out of bed, but it seems that as soon as she turned thirteen, her body clock just refused to cooperate with just cajoling. ...more

365 Days of Blessings – Day 62 – Whining

I am thankful for Poppet’s whiningI will tell myself this over, and over, and over again, until I really believe it.  It gets on my last nerve, sends chills up my spine and is downright annoying, but it means she is here, in my life, my most wanted daughter!Warmest regards, ...more

Terrible 2's or Just Kids

I am going to rip my hair out with the fighting.  It is only 10:00 and the girls have been sent to their rooms twice and put in the corner twice as well.  I finally threatened no baby doll party with Daddy tonight if they keep it up.  Right now they are in their beds telling me they have to go pee-pee.  I hate that because I don’t know if it’s a trick or not.  For fear of an accident I allow Harper to go, I can hear her going actually, and I told Lylla once Harper is back in bed she may go.  I recently polled my FB friends asking what is the most frustrating; w...more
@SHembree I'm sorry I just now responded to this comment. I am really lame at blogher. I ...more

Get That Kid to Stop Whining

My 3-year-old is the whiniest child I have ever met! It began almost a year ago when my son was born. She whines when he touches her toys, or his own toys, or a cup, or her! And then in the same whiny voice she has to give us a play by play of everything my son does throughout the day, “He’s touching the TV!” “He’s eating a Cheerio!” Please tell me this stage will end soon and what I can do to help this attitude out the door?...more