Pavlova with Mascarpone Whipped Cream

G’day, mates! I’ve decently discovered that I have an enormous amount of traffic from Australia, and I’m… confused. Don’t get me wrong – I’m thrilled! But I can’t figure out why that would be. Does “stress baking” mean something special down under? Am I some sort of Aussie celebrity and I just don’t know about it? ...more

Stabilized Mascarpone Whipped Cream

I wanted an Old Fashion Root beer Float!!!

All I really wanted was an old fashion Root Beer Float! So I headed to the grocery store to get the stuff I'd need. Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Root Beer Soda. Easy. Got stuck in traffic (no way around it) and I was thinking the Ice cream is melting...I grabbed the console knob put the car in park, opened the (automatic) trunk and voila I found some cups. Now, I needed a way to scoop the Ice cream out. Ah, I found a few paper plates and made a paper scoop. The people behind me were watching and laughing so I waved for them to come on over to my car. They were happy to join in....more

Peach Kuchen with Buttermilk Whipped Cream

“I remember his showing me how to eat a peach by building a little white mountain of sugar and then dipping the peach into it.” ~ Mary McCarthy (1912-1989)...more

Can't Beat an Egg Beater

I love new fangled kitchen gadgets, but wouldn't trade my old fashioned, heavy duty egg beater.Why? A zillion reasons. For one, my grandmother used one and every time I use mine, I'm reminded of cooking with her. Then, I like using hand power knowing that if the grid goes down, I can still make whipped cream. Finally, I enjoy putting my energy into my food, feeling a connection with the eggs as they get frothy and the raw cream as it whips up. It's just plain satisfying to feel the power of the beaters create a tasty treat....more
@HomeRearedChef Ha! Engineers love the gears...and the egg beater's got plenty of 'em. :) Go Bob!more

Apparently It Is Easy To Make Butter When A Ninja Is Involved – A Thanksgiving Mishap

Everyone knows that whipped cream is a requirement for pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving.It’s pumpkin pie season!  My favorite.  I didn’t have ready made whipped cream, so I whipped out the carton of heavy whipping cream I keep on reserve for chocolate ganache and whipped up a batch. LOL. See how punny I am?...more
I gave it a try on my biscuits and it was delicious! Mildly sweet and just right! more

Celebrate the 4th with an Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Per Merriam-Webster, a sundae is ice cream served with topping (as crushed fruit, syrup, nuts, or whipped cream) and the first known use of the word was 1897. We've come a long way from ancient Rome when snow was mixed with honey, and from Victorian England when flavored ices were a regular part of the Upper Crust's dessert array. Today the variety of flavors available would blow old Nero's mind and the Victorians would no doubt tremble in horror at the idea of partaking in Foie Gras, bacon, licorice or Whale. No, I'm not making that last one up......more

Things a Monkey Could Cook: Classic Cherry Pie

Time for a picnic—featuring your classic Cherry Pie: suitable for all festive summer occasions, as this fabulous fruit falls from the trees just in time for the Fourth of July…....more

Things a Monkey Could Cook: Frozen Strawberry Cake Roll

Yes, fresh strawberries are back—waiting oh-so-expectantly next to the heavy cream in refrigerators all over North America, as we all ponder just exactly what to do with them this year…....more

Six Pears a Penny

This is a very simple dessert packed with flavor that can be prepared without cooking. ...more