Stone Drink Dispenser, Looks and Sophistication

 Stone Drink Dispenser, Looks and Sophistication ...more

Death by Whiskey? Well I'll Partake Anyway!

There's nothing like a book with a lot of drinking involved. I never truly understand the undertakings of British writing and how they always seemingly include liquor in their writings....more

Jack Daniel Distillery: Quality processing right here in Tennessee

Rusha SamsOh, the Places We Seehttp://ohtheplaceswesee.comTour the oldest registered distillery in the U.S. -- Jack Daniel's!

Ginger Peach Whiskey Smash

Hallelujah!!! It's FRIDAY!No only is is FRIDAY (did I mention I am excited!) but this weekend is also one of my very best friends' wedding! Woohoo! I am so excited to go celebrate with the beautiful bride!...more

Raspberry Mint Julep

Hey there!Happy Monday! So, I noticed that I usually post cocktail recipes on Fridays or Saturdays to get us all ready to jump into the weekend. But you know what? Sometimes you just need a cocktail on a Monday!...more

Jack's house

@HomeRearedChef Hi Virginia I am so glad you came by today. You and your hubby use wine as it ...more

Whiskey and Spiced Walnut Ice Cream

Liquor is crafted and aged with the sole purpose of creating intense depth of flavor. This flavor has to shine above the potential burn of the alcohol. Therefore it is the perfect ingredient to add “intense depth of flavor” to any dish....more
This looks delicious!!more

Cooking with Bourbon During National Bourbon Heritage Month

But I won’t stop being an ambassador for this particular spirit, which, while it makes an excellent beverage, is also an excellent ingredient during a session in the kitchen. In honor of September, which has been named National Bourbon Heritage Month by the U.S. Senate, here are some recipes that celebrate this very American whiskey. ...more
Bourbon is always a favored spirit here in the South, and even with our cooler temps hitting ...more

Calling Dr. Jameson

Lanita As a mother, you expect to nurse your children through illnesses and have your husband ignore your helpful medical suggestions.  But recently, I was called upon to help nurse one of my girlfriends through a 2 week battle with bronchitis, a sinus and ear infection....more