White Chicken Chili

Well, I had quite the unmotivated week last week. My poor little blog in this corner of the inter webs got a bit ignored, along with my in-real-life friends and my blogging friends. I just needed a bit of a break to veg out on the couch with my husband in the evenings, binge watching The Walking Dead on NetFlix, and spending some quality time with him and the kids during the weekend....more

Hearty Chicken Chili

Hearty Chicken ChiliThis is a zesty white version of the classic red chili; it's delicious, comforting and hearty. I really wish you would make this chili because it will make you feel warm and happy.  ...more

A Comfortable Day Deserves Comfort Food: White Chicken Chili

After a long hot week, the temps finally dipped and the cool air reminded us of the crisp, comfortable days of fall. What better way to celebrate the upcoming change of the seasons, than by cooking up a big batch of white chicken chili!...more
@wdolderer I hope you love it! Let me know how it turns out for you. We like it a bit spicy, but ...more

White Chicken Chili Recipe

As a mom who loves to cook, but doesn't always have a lot of time, I am always on the hunt for some yummy, creative recipes that my kids will enjoy. I wanted to share recipes that are not too time-consuming, yet taste great and are kid-approved....more