White Chocolate Dipped Rice Krispies Bars

White Chocolate Peppermint Pretzels

Despite the fact that I’m not a huge fan of peppermint, I find myself baking with it constantly when the holidays roll around. I turn into Buddy the Elf and my main food groups become candy, candy canes, candy corn and syrup. For today’s recipe I decided to add a little minty kick to one of my favorite quick and easy holiday snacks to create Peppermint White Chocolate Pretzels!...more

Cranberry Bliss Fudge

Thanksgiving is over, which means I am headed full steam into Christmas mode! First on the list is my Cranberry Bliss Fudge. I made this recently and brought it into my office and several people went out of their way to tell me they had thrown their diets out the window to eat this. It’s that good....more

Caramel Blondie Puppy Chow

Perfect Pumpkin White Chocolate Chip Bars

We had our "so-much-food" carry-in at work this week for Thanksgiving!  Our carry-ins are considered a day you 'graze'.  By grazing, I mean we eat ALL DAY LONG. Like cows out to pasture...ya know?  The most exercise you get is walking from buffet table to buffet table. ...more

White Chocolate Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies

Today is the first Thursday of the month so that means it is time for another installment of Fill The Cookie Jar, when some amazing bloggers get together and make cookies based on a monthly theme. Our September theme is “Fall”.Ah, Fall....more

Peek-A-Boo Raspberry in White Chocolate Cookies!

In my tweens, my dad was a man of quotes…he had a quote for just about every situation…one of his many favorites was “laugh and the world laughs with you” (and I used to think “wait, what happens when I cry then?”)…Another one I often heard him say was “laughter is the best medicine” (and of course, I would think “I will remember that the next time you try to feed me some of that nasty cough syrup when I am sick”)...more

White Chocolate Creme Brûlée

It’s February and this month I’m continuing my baking with chocolate!  I’m a huge fan of white chocolate as you can tell from some of my past posts and if you follow me on Instagram. Now I’m not going to debate whether or not white chocolate really is chocolate, what I will say is that it’s awesome no matter what anyone has to say on the subject! ...more

Drunken Cran-Orange Candy Bar

This sweet, citrusy, slightly tart, and easy to make candy bar is a fun addition to any holiday gathering.  A touch of triple sec, an orange flavored liquor, adds a little bit of punch to this white chocolate confection. Just make sure it is placed away faaaaaar from the kids’ table…I mean faaaaaar away from the kids’ table (I think I had a couple too many)....more

Muesli & White Chocolate Bars