I Fell in Love with a Robotic Giraffe: BlogHer Goes to the White House Maker Faire

When I stepped onto the White House South Lawn today, I immediately fell deeply and completely in love with a 17-foot tall, motorized robotic giraffe.  I've met a lot of cool beings at the White House: the President, the First Lady... Bo.  But none compared to Lindsay Lawlor's robotic giraffe, especially once he made the electronic animal walk on his wheels. ...more

Photos: A day in Washington D.C.

When I heard the National Communication Association annual conference would be in Washington, D.C., all I thought was: "I'M VISITING THE SMITHSONIAN!" And "Woo woo academic research," of course. Ahem....more

The 2013 Kids State Dinner from the Kids' Perspective

Michelle Obama knows that the best way to get kids to eat their vegetables is to involve them in choosing what they eat. On July 9th, we were there for the 2013 Kids State Dinner. This event started last year, and it's part of the Let's Move initiative. 54 kids were chosen for the Kids State Dinner because they had very healthy recipes. They came to celebrate their work and present it to the public. ...more
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Look Who's Pinning: The White House & Government Join Pinterest

The Obama White House is no stranger to the tools of civic engagement. Its social media hub page, titled "Engage and Connect," offers easy access to its Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Scribd, Flickr, Slideshare, LinkedIn, FourSquare and even GitHub accounts....more

Holidays at the White House: In Pictures

On Friday, BlogHer went to the White House to see the holiday decorations in the East Wing. The Obamas have decked the halls with much more than just boughs of holly. See our our pictures to get into the spirit, and see more photos on the official White House Holidays 2012 page. ...more

LATISM's Top Blogueras Briefed at the White House

Earlier in the week, sixty-five Latina bloggers, sponsored by Latinos in Social Media (LATISM), attended a briefing at the White House. I was fortunate to be part of this dynamic group of women. Key issues covered included: jobs and the economy, education, and health care....more
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Emily Mendell Invited To The White House + More

Emily Mendell of Mothers of Brothers was invited to the White House to watch President Obama sign the Jobs Act into law. ...more
Emily is THE BEST! So cool.more

My view from INSIDE the White House

 @victorias_view I appreciate your mssg. Just wanted to share it with everyone!  more

Republican Debate #1023 and Mitt Romney Debate Win #1023

I did little research before this eighth (yes, eighth! and that doesn't even include the Twitter debate) Republican presidential primary candidates' debate. Check out this list for videos of each of them....more

Watching President Barack Obama on Twitter at The White House

"In order to reduce the deficit, what costs would you cut, and what ... would you keep?" and with that President Barack Obama kicked off the first ever White House Twitter Townhall, sending his first tweet before fielding 18 questions from Twitter users....more
I was hoping to find out what the President would cut....more