Top 5 Ways to Make an Impact in the Next Election

Not happy with how things turned out in the 2010 election? Or excited and fired-up by the results? Either way, it's not too early to start thinking about how to get involved for 2012. And rather than let this opportunity slip by, I wanted to write a little bit about what I've learned after eight years of being actively involved in politics. It's actually much easier than you might think to get connected and to make a difference. ...more

Great post! We’ve got to get more young women into the pipeline. Historically women have run ...more

Electing More Women: Just how much of a difference will it make?

Since I’ve spent the past few decades working on ending the under-representation of women...more

Your presentation was terrific!

I was there but had to meet someone at 5:00 so had ...more

No Excuses Allowed: Tackling The #1 Reason Women Don't Run For Office

In 2004 and again in 2008, Jennifer Lawless (Director, Women & Politics Institute, American University) and Robert Fox published reports that examine why women don't run for elected position. The first was called Why Don't Women Run For Office?, and Why Are Women Still Not Running For Office? was the follow up. Both reports eventually were published as books.  ...more

I love your enthusiasm. Like you I would like to see gender parity in politics, but ...more

Advice From Arianna Huffington: Three Words to Take on the World

At this year's BlogHer conference, we are partnering with The White House Project to encourage women to learn about running for office. BlogHer's commitment to women's issues, women's rights, and women in politics goes beyond the blog, as evidenced by Jill Miller Zimon, one of BlogHer's contributing editors, now elected to City Council in Ohio, who will be speaking in New York. Arianna Huffington, another woman who knows a bit about blogging and what it takes to run for office, spoke last week in San Francisco at two events, giving her advice on what women need to shatter the glass ceiling and change our world. ...more

I was not familiar with that book - will definitely check it out - thank you.


BlogHer and The White House Project Team Up at BlogHer '10

Today, we are very proud and pleased to announce a new programming partnership with The White House Project. Like BlogHer, The White House Project is a non-partisan organization, and their mission is to fill the leadership pipeline, at all levels, with "a richly diverse, critical mass of women."This partnership will take place at BlogHer '10, where we will co-produce a new, half-day workshop on Thursday August 5th, designed to help women bloggers with a politics and public policy bent become aspiring public servants....more

It is so important to encourage women—especially young women to consider running for office. ...more

The White House Project & EMILY's List Founders Commend Clinton for Sticking It Out

Bill Clinton didn't clinch the Democratic party's nomination until June 2 in the '92 race. Hillary Clinton still has a chance to win the nomination and it's only the beginning of May. Two pioneering leaders in preparing women to run for office this week wrote of their thoughts on Hillary Clinton and what she has achieved for women, and what it means that she has continued to forge on. The overwhelming message: don't push out the first viable woman presidential candidate when she has come so far. ...more

Taxpayer Alert: National Security and the Defense Budget are Not the Same Thing

Last month, Congress passed a defense budget that will cost American taxpayers over $500 billion dollars...and when you add in the costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the numbers get closer to $1 trillion. To put these numbers in context, the United States spends more than the next 45 highest spending countries in the world combined. In our own budget, the defense portion of the budget (again, minus the wars) takes up 54% of the money that Congress has available to spend this year. ...more

2008: year of the Strategy Moms

Unlike domestic policy, the American public is usually willing to leave foreign affairs to the "experts" unless things are seriously off course. According to polling done by Public Agenda, the contemporary anxiety indicator stands at 136 on a scale where 150 indicates a collapse of confidence in the government's foreign policy. In general, over the past two years, Americans have less and less confidence that our present strategies will enhance US security. ...more

Honoring the Work of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, First Female President of Liberia, and Future Women Leaders Everywhere

While Americans debate whether the United States is really ready for a female president (examples: Michelle Malkin believes that, "This country would certainly have no problem being led by a woman…;" Jess notes, "I hate myself for saying it, but I'm saying it anyway: America is not ready for a woman president."), Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has been leading, healing, and rebuilding Liberia as its president since 2005. I'm a little disturbed that the idea to write about Ms. Johnson Sirleaf came from an ExxonMobil ad honoring her and other women in the op-ed pages of my newspaper, but there is it. (It's nice to think that about 1 or 2 cents of every $3.50 gallon of gas purchased is going to raise awareness that "women can.") ...more

I didn't event think of it that way. I was more worried that it would seem like I was comparing ...more